A Statement for the John Carroll Community

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As a student newspaper we encourage the free expression of ideas. However, the language and tone in some columns this past year have caused pain and insult to students and, for that, we apologize. As journalists, we hold ourselves to a high standard, abiding by the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics, our staff manual and John Carroll’s mission. With that said, moving forward, we plan to examine all three documents much more closely when editing and publishing content for all sections, as well as making decisions with our editorial staff.

Opinion/Editorial Editor Declan Leary’s tone and choice of language in his writing has repeatedly been in direct conflict with the mission of the University and the goals of The Carroll News. While Leary has decided to resign from staff, effective April 8, we will still be drafting new guidelines to ensure this issue does not recur in the future. In the fall of 2019, all editors will be held accountable to the newly revised Carroll News Manual that will serve as a concrete code of conduct. Violations of the new code will result in disciplinary action that could lead to removal from staff.

Free speech serves the practice of democracy, and democracy aims to have all voices participate and feel safe in its harmony. It is not meant to demean or make anyone’s identity feel threatened. We will work to be more cognizant of these issues in the future, as we do not want to foster an environment that makes any students feel unsafe on this campus and in their learning environments. It is imperative that we encourage a safe and inclusive space for students to experience and learn on campus, and we hope to work towards improving our performance on this issue as we take action moving forward.

Kathleen Mackey, Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Carrie Buchanan, Advisor