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Tate’s Takeaways: How I came to love cooking


Cooking is more than just preparing a meal; it’s a journey that can be both therapeutic and gratifying. This past weekend, as I whipped up lunches and dinners for the week, I had a revelation about why I’m so passionate about cooking. It’s not just about the food; it’s a deeply rooted connection to my past and a creative outlet in an increasingly chaotic world.

You don’t need a fully equipped kitchen or numerous recipe books to create delicious and satisfying meals. As a college student armed with just a frying pan and a chef’s knife, I can attest to that. A few simple tools are more than sufficient. I’ve even moved beyond following recipes; now, I cook with a sense of freedom, using what’s available and letting my culinary creativity run wild.

Perhaps one of the most significant lessons I’ve learned from my culinary adventures is the power of improvisation. As a college student, I rarely had a fully stocked kitchen or the luxury of following elaborate recipes. Instead, I’ve embraced the challenge of creating flavorful dishes from the limited ingredients I had. It was in these moments of resourcefulness that I discovered my true potential as a cook.

The process of cooking, whether it’s a full meal or a quick bite, is incredibly relaxing and rewarding. It all starts with inspiration. You get to be the creative director, making the first decision about what you want to eat. In a world that often feels out of control, this is undeniably comforting. If you have a decent selection of ingredients on hand, you can deviate from recipes and experiment with new spices or sauces—the possibilities are endless, and it’s all up to you.

For me, the journey of cooking has its roots in my childhood. I have fond memories of watching my mom cook or cooking with her. She is one of the most amazing cooks I know. She rarely measures anything, yet consistently produces delicious meals. Whereas baking may be science with strict measurements, cooking is more attuned to a form of art where your heart becomes your measuring cup. My mother embodies this idea, cooking with love and intuition.

Now, I carry on that passion for food. I prepare almost all of my meals myself and find deep comfort in cooking, not only for myself but for others as well. It’s a worthwhile endeavor if you’re willing to invest a little bit of time and energy. I owe my love for cooking to my mother. Without her influence, I don’t think I would enjoy it as much.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced cook, there’s something special about creating a meal from the heart and sharing it with others, making every dish a labor of love.

As I reflect on this passion for cooking, I find it essential to share how it has influenced my life in profound ways. Not only has cooking provided me with delicious meals and a therapeutic escape, but it has also become a source of inspiration for my career and personal growth.

In a world where control seems to slip away, the simple act of deciding what to cook and then executing it brings a sense of order and tranquility.

Cooking has transformed from a simple household chore into a meaningful pursuit. I encourage anyone willing to invest a little time and effort to embark on their own culinary journey. You don’t need a Michelin-star kitchen or a culinary degree to become a proficient cook. All you need is the willingness to explore, to experiment and to embrace the joy that cooking can bring into your life.

Cooking is more than just a way to put food on the table. It’s a journey that connects us to our past, provides a creative outlet in a chaotic world and empowers us to nourish ourselves and others. Cooking has enriched my life in immeasurable ways and I owe this passion to the inspiration and love passed down from my mother.

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