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The News That Keeps Us Onward On

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The News That Keeps Us Onward On

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Pam Mason, a retiring professor in the political science department, shares her story with The Carroll News.
Humans of JCU: Professor Pam Mason
TJ Lindstrom, Multimedia Editor • May 18, 2022

When I asked Professor Pamela Mason what made her want to pursue a career in Political Science, now, more than 40 years later, her face lit up as she let out a soft, revealing chuckle, replying simply: “I had an experience.” In a way familiar to her students, she then launched into a winding and gripping story prodding at some profound questions at the heart of the human condition.  This time,...

My Celebration in 2018 was the perfect opportunity for me to meet students, engage with professors and really fall in love with the University.
Aiden's Senior Column. See ya in a bit, JCU. Onward On.
Aiden Keenan, Photo Editor • May 6, 2022

Wow. This is it. This is the weirdest, most emotional, most painful and most vulnerable Carroll News article I’ve ever written.  I remember reading the works of Sophia Maltese, Rachel Scully, Josie Schuman, Kyle Kelly and more last year and, while I realistically knew that mine would be next, it didn’t really hit me at the time. I didn’t really understand the bitter sweetness that came with...

Grace Sherban on freshman move in day, 2021
A (love?!) letter to Pacelli
Grace Sherban, Campus Editor • May 6, 2022

The first time I stepped foot in Pacelli Hall was during my freshman orientation back in June of 2021. A group of students and parents were going on a brief tour of campus and the freshman dorm they showed us was Pacelli. I’ll never forget the look of disgust that spread over my mother’s face when we looked around the building and saw a room. With my luck, she said, that would be the dorm I would...

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YES: Molly Sims.
Met Gala 2022 fashion review
Corinne McDevitt, Social Media Editor • May 6, 2022

Look, I am not trying to be a pretentious a-hole but sometimes I just can’t help it. The Met Gala has come and gone and once again it has refreshed my rage and hatred for modern red carpet attire.  There are few things on this earth I feel more passionate about than historical fashion. When I heard that the theme for this year’s event was “Gilded Glamour,” inspired by the looks of the...

Political Science Professor Colin Swearingen
Lyme disease increasing in Northeast Ohio due to climate change
Moira Anderson, The Carroll News • May 6, 2022

John Carroll University Professor Colin Swearingen is in healthy shape, usually going on runs multiple times a week and staying active with his family. Naturally, it came as a great surprise when he started noticing last October that he couldn’t get past three minutes of continuous running when he was used to doing a full two miles without stopping.  “It’s just that I couldn’t go on, and...

Schuppels Scoop: cherishing time and The Big Chill
Schuppel's Scoop: cherishing time and "The Big Chill"
Claire Schuppel, Arts & Life Editor • May 6, 2022

As my second year of college comes to an end, I’ve had a lot of thoughts about how quickly time has moved during this phase of my life. It is simultaneously heartbreaking and exciting; the fear of becoming a “real adult” juxtaposed with the joy of growing up. During my premature mourning period, I have found comfort in the 1983 comedy “The Big Chill” which is about a group of old college...

Jack Gibas Senior Column: Seeking and coming home to oneself
Jack Giba's Senior Column: Seeking and coming home to oneself
Jack Giba, Opinion Editor • May 7, 2022

Seeking I am a seeker. I don't believe I can be described better by any other word. I'm constantly looking for things outside of myself, searching for inspiration and direction from books and stories,...

A photo of Elon Musk at his TED Talk in April, where he discussed making Twitter open source with increased freedom of speech.
Giba's Claim: Elon Musk buying Twitter could be a good thing
Jack Giba, Opinion Editor • May 6, 2022

Twitter’s board of directors unanimously accepted Elon Musk’s $44 billion buyout of the social media platform. We joke as if certain realities could not be true but we are living in one where Elon...

The view from the observation tower in the Lake Erie Bluffs.
How Climate Change is Affecting the Birds You See
Patrick Noonan, The Carroll News • May 7, 2022

Atop the hill at the Lake Erie Bluffs, you can see the lake stretch on for miles lit up from the sun falling beneath its waves in the horizon. To your left, a descending staircase leads you to the beach...

A crowd of people gather outside the Supreme Court, early Tuesday, May 3, 2022 in Washington.
Roe v. Wade is dead. That's kind of a problem.
Patrick Kane, World News Editor • May 5, 2022

On May 2, a true rarity in U.S. politics took place: a Supreme Court decision was leaked. As reported, Politico was able to get their hands on a draft of a majority opinion by extreme conservative Justice...