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Nicolette’s Column: Next steps
Nicolette’s Column: Next steps
Nicolette Noce, Assistant Campus Editor • September 24, 2021

The start of this school year brings me great happiness as well as nostalgic sentiment. With this being my final semester at JCU, I am filled with pride but also uncertainty of what is to come.  When I started at this...

The Mastrantoni Family Student Success Commons welcome students to study, visit the Career Center or the Academic Success Center.
(Photo by Aiden Keenan ‘22).
Grasselli Library continues renovations
Aiden Keenan, Photo Editor • September 23, 2021
“It was time to reimagine a library to be more than a repository for books.”
A TikTok trend creates havoc on campus leading to everything from stolen soap dispensers to missing road signs.
"Devious licks" on JCU's campus
Laken Kincaid, Campus Editor • September 23, 2021

John Carroll University has been the subject of vandalism following the emergence of a TikTok trend called “devious licks.” The social media challenge revolves around students stealing items from campus grounds like soap/hand...

CSDI staff and students enjoy an outing at Play CLE.
10 Years ago: CSDI changed their name
Taylor Anthony, Campus Editor • September 23, 2021

In April 2011, it was announced that John Carroll’s Office of Multicultural Affairs would change its name to the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion, CSDI. The change was initiated after concern about the inclusivity...

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Like putting together a puzzle, writing stories is about creating a picture.
Why we tell stories
TJ Lindstrom, Editor-in-Chief • September 20, 2021

Before anything else, human beings are storytellers. Long before farming and bronze tools, before even...

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Wilson Intermediate Size NCAA Basketball, from Ben Hershey - Unsplash
COLUMN: Should NCAA Division III athletes receive athletic scholarships?
Anna Meyer, Sports Editor • September 22, 2021

The day in the life of a college athlete is very similar no matter what division they are competing in. Regardless of the division, all collegiate...

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The John Carroll Womens Soccer teams seven seniors before their game against Ohio Wesleyan University on Saturday, Sept. 18
John Carroll Women’s Soccer plays to 3-3 draw on senior day
Anna Meyer, Sports Editor • September 21, 2021

The John Carroll University Women’s Soccer team started their match against Ohio Wesleyan University strong, scoring two goals. Eventually,...

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