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President Margaret Skubik tells The Carroll News her hopes and plans for the rest of her term.
New Student Government President Margaret Skubik shares plans for her short term in office
Laken Kincaid, Campus Editor • November 19, 2021

On Nov. 16, Margaret Skubik ‘22 was sworn in as president of the John Carroll Student Government. Her rise to the presidency followed the impeachment of previous president Matthew J. Meyer under terms of dereliction of...

The JCU administration published the JCU crime report for the year 2020.
Examining the JCU 2020 Crime Report
Laken Kincaid, Campus Editor • November 19, 2021

John Carroll released its official 2020 crime report for the University. The report discusses both the number and type of offenses that occurred in the campus community during the year 2020. However, the numbers presented...

Campus Editor Taylor Anthony reflects on the importance of representation, especially its significance in the Black Panther film that was released in 2018.
Taylor’s Column: The importance of representation in American society
Taylor Anthony, Campus Editor • November 19, 2021

While I was home during our fall break, the three-day weekend allowed me to spend time with my parents, my brothers and 8-year-old nephew. My nephew and I watched the movie “Black Panther” for maybe the tenth time, but...

Chief of Staff Jacob Kozlowski 24 (left) swears in Margaret Skubik 22 (right) as president shortly after Meyers removal.
President of Student Government Matt Meyer removed from office
Laken Kincaid, Campus Editor • November 16, 2021

On Nov. 16 the John Carroll Student Government Senate removed student body President Matthew J. Meyer ‘22 from office after convicting him on two articles of impeachment.  At the start of the meeting, Sen. Max Malley...

Campus editor, Laken Kincaid, discusses how different news media is interpreted in a city like Cleveland.
Keeping up with Kincaid: Why is there a kill climate in Cleveland?
Laken Kincaid, Campus Editor • November 14, 2021

I believe I have made it abundantly clear that I am not a local –– neither to Northeast Ohio nor the state itself. No matter how hard I try to mask my southern twang it always slips, and my hillbilly sense of morality...

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