A Lookback on Manresa 39

Aiden Keenan

One year ago, Manresa 39 embarked on a journey of faith, love, and personal reflection. Every semester, John Carroll offers students the opportunity to partake in Manresa, a retreat oriented on the Jesuit teachings of Saint Ignatius. On Oct. 25-27, 2019, M39 welcomed students to the Jesuit Retreat House in Parma, Ohio for a weekend off campus to build relationships, reflect on experiences, and grow in faith. 


During Manresa, students reflect on their faith journey and the love they feel from those in the community around them. Students are reminded that they are “From love, of love, for love.”
(Photo courtesy of Mark Grabowski, ‘20).


Students embrace the “hills and the valleys” of their lives through this retreat. Each student receives a shirt that is specially designed for that specific Manresa experience. During mine, we focused on the concept of “Walk by faith, live by love,” which is reflected on the back of the shirt with a reminder that we are all “from love, of love, and for love.”
(Photo courtesy of Mark Grabowski, ‘20).


During the personal exploration of faith and growth during Manresa, students build their relationships with one another. Though Manresa is about personal growth, this growth comes through the aid and love of others.
(Photo courtesy of Mike Flynn, ‘21).


Pictured above are the members of M39 at John Carroll University at the Jesuit Retreat House. Though many students did not know each other before the retreat, they had the opportunity to grow in their relationships with others through the Manresa retreat.
(Photo courtesy of Mark Grabowski, ‘20).