Perfect Study Spots on John Carroll’s Campus

No matter the hour, there is always a spot to study around campus if you are willing to seek it out.


Sophia Giallanza '25

Caroline Padden ’25 and Clare Atheneos ’25 share a conversation on the balcony of Dolan Science Center.

Sophia Giallanza, The Carroll News

Even though JCU’s campus is quite small, many of us have difficulty finding our perfect spot to relax. John Carroll’s 62 acre campus is full of quaint outdoor hideouts as well as comfy indoor relaxation stations designed for students to spend hours on end. Whether you are a first year student still attempting to navigate campus or a senior who knows all the nooks and crannies, we’ve got you covered with a variety of locations to chillax and enjoy some peace and quiet.  

The Balcony of Dolan Science Center 

Fancy watching the orange glow of the sunset on JCU’s historic clock tower? The balcony of Dolan is the perfect spot for a study session with friends or to relax and enjoy the overlooking view. This spot is equipped with study tables that provide a scenic view of the Academic Quad and in close proximity to the luscious Dolan Greenhouse. If you need a snack break, The Nook is located on the first floor of Dolan which contains an array of to-go style drinks and snacks. 

Beanbag Room in Grasselli Library/Grasselli Library  

For those looking for a cozy, inside study option, be sure to check out the beanbag room in the basement floor of Grasselli Library. Here, you can take a nap or buckle down on homework in the comfort of your very own beanbag. It’s also just a few steps away from The Den where you can recharge with Starbucks coffee (definitely one of my favorite perks)! Grasselli Library has three floors all of which contain a variety of study spaces, hammocks and relaxation rooms. 

The Benches Outside the Mail Room  

The benches outside the mailroom entrance. (Sophia Giallanza ‘25)

Although this one might be a little difficult for those who like to multitask and need table space, it’s perfect for avid readers looking for a serene escape from crowded places. Shaded by trees, this location looks like it came right out of a storybook. It has two stone benches and is surrounded by greenery. Its quaint charm and majestic feel is what sets it apart from other spots and makes it an ideal place to sit and enjoy your favorite book.  

Tables Outside the Admin. Building 

Another scenic and less populated location on campus is the tables outside the Admin building. With views of the back of Admin in addition to a neighboring courtyard of grass, it’s a great way to escape the busyness of campus and focus on your heavy course load. The tables also come with an umbrella to shade you from the sun on hotter days. Try to take advantage of this hidden gem while the weather is nice. 

Adirondack Chairs in the Main Quad 

For those of us willing to brave the dreaded walk of shame across JCU’s Main Quad, you will find an abundance of adirondack chairs available for students to move around and sit in at any hour. Whether you are tanning in the sun or studying with friends, the chairs on the quad are perfect for getting some fresh air on a nice day.  

No matter the hour, there is always a spot to study around campus if you are willing to seek it out. John Carroll is all the more beautiful in the fall so be sure to explore these locations in the coming months to find your perfect match.