Letter to the editor: sports matter, from the mom of the writer

Jennifer Maltese


Dear Editor:

Wow, well written but I strongly disagree. If you look closely at anything you can find the bad. There is divisiveness and scandal in all things on earth including art, music, literature, government, and most especially religion. Does that mean none of it matters? I would argue it ALL matters because in some way it invokes our humanity and plays a role in our earthly journey. The positive elements of sports cannot be ignored. Most notably, the lessons learned about showing up, working hard, team spirit, sportsmanship, and perseverance are vital. Our 5th and 6th graders just finished their basketball season not only without winning a game, but losing significantly just about every time. We just didn’t have enough players to compete with the bigger schools. Each game though, they showed up and fought hard. They pushed through, just like we have to do so many days in life. I would see them at the end of their game when we arrived for our varsity game and thought every time that they are learning such valuable life lessons and that made me feel so proud. Life is about working hard with others to accomplish your goals, sticking with it when things get tough, and enjoying small rewards along the way even when those rewards are often disproportionate to the effort required. Sports teaches these lessons to so many and therefore, do matter.

Not all people, like yourself, enjoy or appreciate sports and that’s okay, but it doesn’t mean that sports don’t matter! People find enjoyment in different things. Not everyone appreciates a literary classic the same way or can relax by playing an instrument, both of which remain respected and valid ways in which people can spend their time. Sharing an afternoon rooting for your favorite team, bonding with the people you love and care about is ALSO valid and much more effective in community building than many other pastime activities because there is actual human interaction and connection occurring. (And by the way, people don’t just randomly clap during a sporting event; it only seems that way to those who aren’t following along!)

I get what you are saying about professional athletes and the affairs and crimes and such, but where would so many young people be without organized sports to occupy their time? Certainly many would find dark outlets like drugs, alcohol, bad behavior choices, and yes, crime.

And my final point is that you are also neglecting to recognize the enormous side benefit of sports which is exercise. Exercise is vital to combat childhood (and adult) obesity and is the number one factor in having positive mental health. When you consider the surge of anxiety, depression, and suicide in our society, mental health surely matters!!! Although I love you and respect your opinion, you cite that sports are divisive. The same could be said about this article!


Happy Valentine’s Day,

Jennifer Maltese

Mother of the Managing Editor

Mother of a Baseball Card Clutching Son

Believer that Sports Do Matter


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