To those who seek a deeper meaning to a Jesuit experience

Omar Meza, Class of 2018

When it comes to drag, as Kathleen has said, it is not for everyone, but that should not stray away from the deeper meaning of it all. Drag is an artform that has been around for hundreds of years. The amount of work, time, skill and passion that goes into it should not be shamed or diminished because one feels it is a “sexual perversion” when one chooses to turn a blind eye to other forms of “sexual perversion” that is prevalent in college culture.

Drag unites a community that is constantly shamed and shunned by the public because it is seen as “abnormal” or as stated, a sexual perversion. This is not the case. One must reflect on the main idea that God has created each person equal, and with his likeness in mind. He would not create someone who was not exactly in His own visit. The Jesuit experience provides us a chance to see the growth our world has experienced, because in the end, God would want us to experience our lives with an open mind, open eyes, and an open heart. Those who perform in drag provide much more than a simple lip sync in heels and a mini-skirt. They provide courage for those who fear to live like they were born to live, to provide a light at the end of the tunnel when one feels shamed and unwelcomed in a community that would rather shame someone than accept someone.

Drag queens, in many ways, resemble the idols we have created for ourselves with pop culture celebrities, and we cannot deny that they have inspired many to live truthfully and wholeheartedly. The queer community has proven itself to be a strong and tight knit group. While no group is ever perfect, the community has been able to unite in many different ways. The space that drag queens provide for those who attend the shows is intoxicating. It’s inviting and positive. It grabs you and gives you the hug you didn’t know you were looking for. Drag is not for everyone, but it is important for those who need the space curated by those who need the support. While it may not be for everyone, it’s important to acknowledge that this artform has saved many individuals lives, and it has made many people stronger, so before you go and point fingers at the experience, why don’t you sit down, grab a mocktail, (or cocktail if you’re of legal age) and enjoy the show, there is more than what meets the eye at every drag show.