Campus Column: Cosmos in full effect


Nicolette Noce, Campus Editor

Pluto is small and desolate. It’s not something we earthlings consider too often unless employed by NASA or involved in an astronomy club of some sort. It is cold and lifeless, but it is also mysterious. Some even consider the tiny planet, five away from ours, to be immensely powerful. 

 Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930. When it was originally declared a planet, it was known as the ninth from our sun. Pluto’s orbital period, or the time it takes to orbit the sun, is 248 Earth years

 In astrology, Pluto is known as the planet of rebirth, transformation, endings and new beginnings. It is also associated with power, control and destructiveness. Those who study astrology often reference Pluto as a generational planet, which means that it affects an entire generation of people. This is because, as an outer planet, Pluto takes a very long time to complete its orbit, consequently causing the planet to be in the same constellation zodiac sign anywhere from 14 to 30 years. 

Single planets are thought to be impactful in astrology, but two or more planets also have the potential to interact with each other and create different energies. 

 When two planets conjunct, they are in the same position in the zodiac at the same time. This causes both planets’ energies to mix. The energy that is created through conjunction seemingly impacts the entire universe, including Earth. 

 One very powerful planetary conjunction is that of Pluto and Saturn, which occurs about every 33 years and lasts for two years. We are currently experiencing a Pluto-Saturn conjunction, which began Jan. 13, 2020.

 Saturn is known as the planet of karma, justice and structure. When Pluto and Saturn conjunct, things can get a little crazy. The conjunction tends to break down social structures. While Pluto intends to reform structures through deconstruction, Saturn’s goal is to challenge and teach with tough love. 

 The conjunction can cause power struggles, break down established religious and political systems, expose secrets, fraud and deception and ignite civil uproar leading to increasing numbers of protests, riots and activism. All around, Pluto and Saturn conjunctions are known to cause discomfort and unrest. These conjunctions ultimately lead to growth but are not without pain. 

Historical conjunctions of Pluto and Saturn have been associated with some major globally altering events. In 1284, Pluto and Saturn were in conjunction and, that very same year, Venice introduced gold coins, which became standard European currency. This act has deeply influenced our currency systems to this day. 

 In 1518 Pluto and Saturn were in conjunction right around the same time as the Protestant Reformation. Another Saturn and Pluto conjunction happened in 1914, just as World War I erupted. 

 In 1947, the two planets conjuncted, and Pakistan and India were given independence from Britain. Finally, in 1982, Pluto and Saturn were in conjunction, which coincided with the start of the AIDS epidemic. During this time, the internet was also on the rise.

 I am by no means arguing that the planets are causing these worldly events to occur, but I do think they might be having an important impact. 

 Many have referred to 2020 as the worst year ever. It has been painful, uncommon, a little scary and flat-out weird. But, it also seems like we are on the brink of something. Maybe the cosmos are in our favor, and the Pluto and Saturn conjunction will shake things up to make room for change. 

 As insane as this year has been, it has perhaps been a long time coming. We were due for a little change, and although it feels painful, it is almost always necessary. It is difficult to accept new ideas or ways of life, but without adapting to the new, we’d be stuck in the old.