The scoop on Saxbys, JCU’s new student run coffee shop

Saxbys, a completely student run cafe, is scheduled to arrive at John Carroll by the start of the spring semester.

Corinne McDevitt

Saxbys, a completely student run cafe, is scheduled to arrive at John Carroll by the start of the spring semester.

Sophia Giallanza, The Carroll News

After the closing of the beloved Einstein’s Bagels in the basement of Admin, it’s safe to say that JCU students are more than eager for the upcoming opening of the new Saxbys coffee shop. Many students shared their excitement and also voiced their opinion on what they are hoping to see from the new establishment.  

Saxbys Coffee Shop is set to be John Carroll’s first 100% student run business and will employ students from all programs across the university, specifically, the Boler College of Business. Business students will have the opportunity to apply for management positions to gain experience in their respective fields. The shop will also be hiring students for other positions such as barista which are open to students of any major.  

According to founder of Saxbys, Nick Bayer, in an interview with Forbes Magazine, the name “Saxbys” was completely made up. However, it was derived from popular brand names such as Saks, Starbucks and Sotheby’s.  

Scott Ulrich, MEP Project Manager in charge of mechanical, electrical and plumbing projects on campus, shared a little bit about when students can expect Saxbys to be fully functioning. 

“Saxbys will be where [the previous] Einstein’s is located currently,” said Ulrich.  “At this point in time, the construction schedule has not been finalized, but the current plan is to start construction in November and complete the renovation by the time students come back in January.”  

Ulrich went on to say that it is likely the shop will not be open as soon as students return from break. While construction is scheduled to finish in January, Saxbys will likely be up and running shortly after.  

“I’m just excited to have another place to eat on campus,” said Clare Atheneos ‘25. “I think everyone is getting bored of the dining hall so it will definitely be nice to have a new place to try out.”   

Atheneos went on to suggest that she hopes to see Saxbys accepting meal swipes as well as dining dollars. 

“We have 10 meal swipes a week that only work at the Inn Between,” said Atheneos. “It would make sense to have another option to spend them. Otherwise, they will continue to get wasted.” 

One thing many JCU students agree on is that we need additional dining options on campus. This is especially true for first year students who didn’t have the opportunity to experience John Carroll dining pre COVID-19. 

“I feel like I was a little deceived by the amount of food options we would have available to us on campus.” said fellow first year, Luis Wentz ‘25. “Aside from Starbucks, we have no actual shops or restaurants that take our dining dollars.”  

Wentz went on to say that he is looking forward to trying out the menu at Saxbys. He also expressed that, as a business student, he wants to explore some of the ways gaining employment will help him professionally.  

Even though Saxbys won’t be available until next semester, students and staff are waiting with high hopes. Visit Saxby’s website for more information such as their other college locations and menus.