Lost Lands ticket sales skyrocket alongside new additions



Evan Smiths writes about the ticketing for this year’s Lost Lands music festival.

Evan Smith, Staff Reporter

Lost Lands recently announced the sale of this year’s tickets, the festival planned for Sept. 22-24 in Thornville, Ohio. Typically, the first few tiers of the tickets sell out relatively fast with the previous years always selling out. Various VIP packages and certain camping tickets are usually the first to go, with general admission and parking passes selling just as fast.

But, this year it seems that many are taking interest in attending this year’s edition of the bass music festival.

Just days after the festival’s curator, Excision, announced the sale of tickets several categories of tickets are sold out or getting close. VIP tickets ($500+) have completely sold out, while General Admission ($250-350+) at the time of writing this article follows closely behind at 70% sold out. Additionally, several camping packages such as Quiet camping ($300+), both sets of RV Camping ($400-500+)  and even the expensive Jurassic Glamping packages ($2000+) have sold out entirely. 

At the rate tickets are selling, many are both shocked and skeptical at the sales compared to previous years. While Lost Lands was not always as big as it has now become since its debut in 2017, its growth has only been exponential as more big name artists are booked. This has also been exacerbated by Excision’s name becoming a household brand  in the bass music industry. Despite this positive growth in attendance, many attendees commented on the lack of accessibility to the tickets as they went on sale. Many also complained about the lack of loyalty access to individuals who have attended previous years and the inability to purchase tier 1 tickets due to website errors. 

While the cause for this traffic could be interpreted as the result of increased interest, it could also be related to the large list of improvements Lost Lands is bringing to their next festival.

VIP ticket holders will get their own separate entrance with more lanes to accommodate higher volumes of attendees. They are also granted free showers across all of the campgrounds, along with exclusive merchandise booths selling the most popular items. VIP lounges will have additional air-conditioned bathrooms and bathroom attendants working each area. There is also a new cleaning team who will be frequently cleaning the bathrooms. VIP areas across the festival grounds are being expanded and including stricter enforcement to prevent non-VIP members from entering. The most exciting of these changes is the addition of exclusive VIP lounge WiFi, only accessible to those inside to prevent anyone else from connecting. 

The Village Marketplace will be introducing smaller stages for artists playing on the Wednesday and Thursday pre-party days while also introducing a silent disco that will go late into the night after the festival grounds close for the night. The silent disco is one of many attempts at Lost Lands trying to reduce noise complaints from campgrounds while also allowing attendants to continue partying as late as they want.

Various other improvements are focused on accommodating larger crowds.  Those include adding more Jurassic Glamping tents, paths that make the walk between camps shorter, more space for the main stage crowd to enter and exit and allowing individuals to enter the festival grounds two hours earlier to avoid rush hour traffic.

While Lost Lands works to implement these changes, many eagerly await the festival’s return to Legend Valley where many can reunite with their fellow headbangers. Lost Lands is constantly raising the bar each year, one can only imagine which artists will be invited to this year’s festival and how impactful the new changes will be.