Earthquake rocks Pakistan, killing 20


(AP Photo/Arshad Butt)

A girl looks at a damaged house following an earthquake in Harnai, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) east of Quetta, Pakistan, Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021.

Maia Echols, Staff Reporter

On Oct. 6, an earthquake struck Pakistan, killing 20 people, including eight children, and injuring 150 more. The 5.9 magnitude quake devastated the city of Harnai, greatly damaging hundreds of residential and professional buildings, according to the  New York Times. The 3 a.m. earthquake caused major power outages in the area and crumbled surrounding villages. Many people are left homeless after this quake. Rescue efforts have been constant, according to CNN.

Not even two hours later an aftershock followed the main quake. After this happened, people refused to re-enter their homes; many ended up staying outside all night. Funerals were said to have taken place on Thursday, and it is unsure if the death toll will continue to rise, according to BBC.

“I have ordered immediate assistance on an emergency basis for the Harnai, Balochistan, earthquake victims & for an immediate assessment of the damage for timely relief & compensation,” Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a Tweet. “My condolences & prayers go to the families who lost their loved ones.”

“Obviously it’s a tragedy whenever there’s death involved,” said Makenna Glaser ‘25.  “I wish there was something that I could do to help instead of just listening to all of these natural disasters happen. It’s important that we all help each other and fight climate change, we really have to band together and do what we can to support everybody in the world.” 

According to Britannica, the most destructive earthquake in Pakistan history was the Kashmir earthquake, leaving over 79,000 people dead. The magnitude of the Kashmir earthquake was 7.6. Compared to the nameless Pakistan earthquake that has just struck, the effects of the Kashmir quake were more damaging. However, it is clear that both of these two earthquakes have caused a great deal of damage to the country of Pakistan, and it is important that the community comes together to get eachother back on their feet.