Beauty Trends of Spring 2019

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Beauty Trends of Spring 2019

Kasey Vouros, Staff Reporter

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With the cold weather on its way out, it’s time to say goodbye winter, hello spring! Entering a new season means the introduction of new trends, specifically regarding makeup. Here are 10 makeup trends that seem to be popular this spring.

Pink eye shadow has been trending for some time and, now that spring is upon us, it is the perfect time to try it out. You might consider pairing this look with a brushed brow look. This technique helps to perfect your arches and is one of the simplest brow looks to achieve. Keep the rest of your makeup relatively bare by applying a bit of foundation and a swipe of mascara “so that your brows are the star of the show,” says L’Oreal Paris.

Two unique colors that are making a big splash this spring are coral and cobalt. Coral is becoming one of the most popular colors of 2019, specifically coral lipstick, according to L’Oreal Paris. Cobalt is also a very flattering color, especially when applied to the eye. Applying a thin line of cobalt eyeliner across your lids is one of the most eye-catching ways to wear it!

This spring is all about “fresh, glowing skin,” according to L’Oreal Paris. First, apply primer, followed by foundation and concealer to cover any dark spots or circles. Finally, boost your glow by applying a spritz of dew mist or spray and you’re ready to go.

Rose gold is another color that’s been on the rise to popularity, first making its break in 2017 and showing no signs of stopping. This spring, wearing it on the cheeks is one of the biggest trends. To achieve this simple yet sleek look, use a beauty blender to apply it to the apples of your cheeks.

Metallic eyeshadow has become increasingly popular, and applying it to the inner eyes is the way to go this spring. When applying this eyeshadow, focus on your inner corners instead of covering your entire lid, to give your eyes a more lively appearance.

Voluptuous lashes have always been in, but for those who don’t have naturally full or long lashes and are opposed to lash extensions, there’s a solution. A lash lift is a short and simple procedure, essentially being a perm for your eyelashes. According to L’Oreal Paris, “lifted lashes can create the appearance of bigger, more awake eyes.”

Contouring is a term that we’ve all heard but this spring there’s a slight twist. Instead of contouring with bronzer and highlighter, use concealer instead. Keep in mind that creamier products will give a more subtle look compared to powder formulas.

This spring seems to be all about creating a more carefree and natural look, bringing the concept of a blurred lip to everyone’s attention. This carefree lip technique is a good way to wear red lipstick if you are not yet a pro at applying lipstick or simply want to bring the intensity of red lipstick down a notch. L’Oreal recommends that you start by dabbing lipstick onto your finger and then applying it to your lips. Next, choose a complementary color to apply to the middle of your lips, using your finger again. Finally, use a fluffy eye shadow brush to blend the colors together, ultimately creating a more subtle and less harsh lip look.

With the arrival of a new season comes the introduction of new trends. This year, the spring season is bringing in more natural, subtle looks while still making sure you are looking your best. If you are looking for simple yet beautiful makeup looks, this spring is your time to shine.