Taylor’s Column: How do I manage time?

Campus editor, Taylor Anthony, reflects on the importance of focusing on the things that are in her control in life.

Taylor Anthony

Campus editor, Taylor Anthony, reflects on the importance of focusing on the things that are in her control in life.

Taylor Anthony, Campus Editor

Sometimes it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to be completed, and more often than not I question whether I know how to NOT be busy. Whether it be classes and athletics or club meetings and work, I seem to have made my days always consist of a full schedule. How can I maintain it all? Essentially, it all comes down to organization, prioritization and time management. Here are four tips on how to effectively manage your time as a busy, involved college student. 

First, one thing that I have found to be very useful is Google Calendar. I recently started using it this semester, and I think it’s safe to say it’s here to stay as part of my routine. I love being able to see an hourly layout of my day and plan my weeks accordingly. It also makes planning meetings significantly easier since you are able to share calendars with others. Initially, I didn’t think I would like to use an online calendar because I prefer to handwrite, but now I have color coded my day based upon classes, practices, meetings and work. 

Second, while Google Calendar is very beneficial for me, when it comes to my actual homework assignments, it’s nice to have them written down in a separate place — which is why I like using a planner. The visual satisfaction of physically crossing an assignment off my to do list is a feeling like no other. If you really love pens like me then try color coding each class with the homework due for another atheistically pleasing visual. 

Third, when it is time to sit down and focus to get my work completed, I find it best to eliminate all the distractions that typically sidetrack me while I’m working. Mostly, I find my time to be wasted on my phone texting or usual social media, so it’s best to set it aside which overall increases my productivity. Also, sometimes my friends or roommates can be a distraction, so a change of scenery is always nice from time to time. Typically, I find myself in the library, the Murphy Room or the CSDI office to get my homework done. 

Finally, the fourth and most important tip for all would be to prioritize mental health. Involvement in other activities may shift your priorities and it can become mentally draining and overwhelming at times. However, even amidst all the chaos, it is always essential to make your mental health a priority.  If you don’t focus on your mental health first and foremost it will be even more difficult to start managing your time every day. It is important to have a lifestyle that supports your mental wellbeing and while also living out your college experience to its fullest extent. John Carroll offers numerous campus resources for seeking help such as counseling services or the student health center. You must remember that it’s okay to put yourself first and take time for self-care.