Letter to the Editor

Wesley Olin, Class of 2019

In the centerfold of The Carroll News every week, the editorial staff prints a notice that urges readers to respond to their opinion pieces if they “disagree with any of the commentary in this section.” This notice is what makes the paper so wonderful as it provides space for debate between students about controversial issues. The debate that the Carroll News wants to encourage is however upended when so-called “Opinion” writers use their column as a form of a diary. While this isn’t the first case of this happening, Miss Shackleton’s most recent column falls right into this category. There is no argument in it, no thesis, no opinion. It merely contorts the Op/Ed section into a self gratifying journal, instead of the locus of debate it should be. When this happens the only thing to debate is whether such argument-less and opinion-void fluff should take up space in the Opinion/Editorial section.