Nicolette’s Column: Is making choices hard, or is it just me?


Nicolette Noce

Assistant Campus Editor, Nicolette Noce, says goodbye to her Carroll News audience!

Nicolette Noce, Assistant Campus Editor

In a single day we make approximately 35,000 choices. While most of these don’t even seem like choices, they still are. I know that choosing to get out of bed in the morning or deciding what to eat for dinner seem like mindless to-dos rather than choices, but even these minuscule decisions impact us. 

These decisions seem mundane and rather pointless and while they partially are, they simultaneously are not. These matters make up our entire days and, in the end, our entire lives. But then what about the bigger choices we face? The choices that take us days, weeks, months, even years to decide upon. The choices like, “what should I major in in college” or “should I go abroad next year” seem much more concrete and rather permanent. 

Meanwhile, how do we trust ourselves even slightly enough to make them? Wouldn’t it be easier to have all the answers inside a crystal ball? Wouldn’t it be easier to just know what the outcomes might look like? 

Of course, that would be easier but entirely impossible. So, what’s the next best thing? Should we simply trust in the external universe and hope for the best? That’s usually my go-to but it’s surely not always the most rational. 

We make good choices when we are rational, when we weigh the pros and cons and when we trust in ourselves and not only outside sources. Choice is what makes a life, and we have the ability to make our lives whatever we want.

It’s a beautiful and powerful knowing but also a little scary. It is hard to imagine we have all the power inside of us and that we are responsible for our own futures but that’s the truth and absolutely no one can save us from making our own decisions, in fact, why would we want to be? 

Whatever choices you are facing right now, try to think ahead and reimagine what all the outcomes might be. Make sure they are dazzling and wonderful because it’s 100x better to focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t want. Keep making choices and creating the life you have dreamt about.