Nicolette’s Column: The end


Nicolette Noce

Assistant Campus Editor, Nicolette Noce, says goodbye to her Carroll News audience!

Nicolette Noce, Assistant Campus Editor

Endings are bittersweet, especially when an ending of something you have been anticipating finally comes; when what is to end is something that has caused you semi-discomfort over let’s say the last four years or so. 

I remember writing a 30-page research paper a few semesters back and thinking how glad I would be when I no longer had to endure such stressful assignments or when I was cramming for an exam and the only thing that kept me sane was the knowing that at some point I would never have to be ranked based upon a letter grade again. 

Yet, now that this is all coming to an end, I think I wouldn’t mind one more 30-page paper or another night of cramming. 

Isn’t it strange how despite all the discomfort we face, whether it be in school or in general life, all of those negative memories seem to fade away once the end of the road approaches? We turn and look back down the path we have long traveled and the memories of late nights and stress-induced situations seem to fade away. 

What we are left with is contentment and a little sadness; knowing that this phase of life is over. Time keeps us moving forward and while once we were curious and uncertain 18-year-old freshmen we are now graduating seniors. Still just as curious and probably a little uncertain, yet now we have more tools in our toolboxes, we have more experiences to speak on, we have unforgettable friendships, encouraging mentors and more life lessons than we can count. Most importantly, we have more passion than ever before. 

What’s next for me cannot be found in the Grasselli Library or in the halls of O’Malley, it cannot even be found in The Carroll News’ newsroom. What’s next for me is past the John Carroll gates. Although not yet fully discovered, I know something is out there and it is calling, waiting for me to find it. 

Still, it saddens me to go out and look for it. I have loved each day of my John Carroll career. I found a community here. I discovered and rediscovered passion. The Carroll News has touched me in ways I didn’t know it could. As I write this last column, I must thank each and every person who has contributed to The Carroll News, no matter how large or how small. 

The experience of being a part of this team compares to no other. Thank you all. 

For now, I won’t cry because my time at John Carroll is over, I’ll cry because it happened, and for that I am forever in awe and forever in gratitude.