Buffalo Bills start their revenge season following win during Thursday night football

A picture of star quarterback, Josh Allen, for the Buffalo Bills.

Wikimedia Commons

A picture of star quarterback, Josh Allen, for the Buffalo Bills.

Leah Harrigan, Staff Reporter

On the evening of Thursday, Sept. 8, the nation remained still. The daily hustle and bustle of the United States slowed as the sun began to set, all in the name of America’s game: Football.

The National Football League kick started its 2022 campaign with a matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams. The Matt Stafford-backed Rams were eager to open up against Josh Allen and company as both teams were looking to live up to all of the preseason polls, opinions and rankings. But, the individual goal for each team was skewed when examining the postseason performances of both squads.

Los Angeles never lost. The defending Super Bowl LVI Champions waltzed into their first game with a talented collection of players. Buffalo, on the other hand, was eager to begin their revenge tour. 

Just over five minutes into the first quarter, Gabe Davis, a Buffalo wide receiver that has added significant depth to the wideout crew, found his way into the endzone after carefully collecting a 26-yard pass from quarterback Josh Allen. 

Davis proved to be a key asset during the latest post-season for the Bills as the reliable pass receiver earned credit for four touchdown receptions in American Football Conference Divisional Round. This season, the hope is that Davis provides an element of confusion to the secondary of the opposition: Should we put our best cornerback on Davis or Stefon Diggs?

Buffalo wide receiver, Gabe Davis, became a key asset to the team during the post-season last year. (Wikimedia Commons)

As the first half began to wind down, the Rams had yet to answer a determined Buffalo team. With about three minutes left, the Bills were up 10-0. But, a shifty and valiant collection of routes from Los Angeles’ Cooper Kupp ended in a touchdown for the Rams, their first points of the game.

Kupp would be the sole force to be reckoned with for LA as he finished the game with 13 receptions for 128 yards. Even as a Buffalo fan myself, there is no doubt his performance was commendable. Somehow, amongst a sea of blue and red, Kupp would slip through centimeters of space and gain ground against a top-ranked Bills defense. 

But, his efforts were not enough to gain the lead on the Bills during the second half of play. Isaiah McKenzie would score a touchdown halfway through the third quarter for Buffalo. Allen snuck into the endzone within the first few ticks of the fourth quarter. Later, Allen showcased his arm strength and located Diggs for a 53- yard touchdown reception that would seal the 31-10 victory for Buffalo. 

On the defensive side, Von Miller, a former Los Angeles Ram that recently made the journey across the country to become a Bill, finished his first game in blue and red with two sacks and four tackles. 

Overall, the win was everything a Bills player, coach or fan could’ve ever imagined.

“You can look in their eyes and you could tell that everybody was hungry, and everybody wanted this game,” mentioned Miller during his postgame interview. “Everybody expected success today, and we went out there and took it one play at a time, and here we are.”

For the Bills and their loyal fanbase, this primetime victory was a statement. But, it doesn’t mean that the path to a successful season will be anything close to simple. 

The NFL works in strange ways. Regardless of record, each team brings unique talents to the field, which is why the sport will withstand the test of time, its captivating nature lasting decades.

Moving forward, the Buffalo Bills have a rigorous schedule that will be a true testament to their viability throughout this season. But, in Buffalo fashion, that’s exactly what we want. Give us your best and we will fight until the last second. Doubt us, and we will rise above and come back even stronger. 

Of course, as Miller mentioned before, amongst all the press releases, NFL analytics, predictions and other distractions from our end goal, our best plan is to take this season “one play at a time.” 

The Buffalo Bills will see more primetime action at Highmark Stadium in Buffalo, New York on Monday, Sept. 19 at 7:15 p.m against the Tennessee Titans.