JCU Women’s Soccer with a victorious Senior Day celebration


JCU Sports Information Department

The JCU Women’s Soccer team celebrates after winning their game on Sunday.

Leah Harrigan, Staff Reporter

A four-year time period is a significant collection of years in terms of development, mindset and personal growth. In light of this idea, it is always appropriate to commemorate the careers of players who have enlisted on the four year journey of collegiate athletics. 

Each season is filled with merits and challenges that shape each player into the person they desire to be. It is only appropriate to pay tribute to the unmatched efforts of the athletes that have sacrificed endless amounts of time for the love of the game. 

On Sunday, Sept. 25, the John Carroll University Women’s soccer team enjoyed the thrill and buzz of Senior Day, a game dedicated to the previously discussed endeavors of fourth-year students on the team. 

“I feel like the seniors have brought a lot to the field and increased the level of play through the years,” reflected midfielder Julia Suttman ‘24. “They also bring positivity to the game if we are down and need to be amped up.”

The Streaks were set to celebrate the careers of seven players during their senior day commemoration. Lauren Gumeny ‘23, Mackenzie Stease ‘23, Sidney Powell ‘23, Claire Hollern ’23, Isabella Merlo ‘23 and Juliana Kontul ‘23 were the Lady Blue Streaks that were honored during the game.

“Claire (Hollern), our captain has stepped up as a leader to make sure everyone is on the same page and working together to succeed on and off the field,” stated Suttman when asked about the role of senior leadership.

Although the festivities were honorable and entertaining, the atmosphere maintained a higher level of enthusiasm if said seniors earned a victory on their special day as well.

For John Carroll, triumph has never felt so virtuous. In a matchup against a talented collection of players from the College of Wooster, it was clear that the energy within the Blue Streaks was at an unmatched caliber.

After a full 90 minutes, the Blue and Gold earned a necessary 3-1 victory. 

For the opening 45 minutes of play, trades of possession indicated that the match would be invigorating until the final whistle. 

In the first half alone, John Carroll tallied nine shots. For the opposition, Wooster saw themselves at the corner flag five times in the first half showing that they were able to generate offense in the Blue Streak defensive zone.

Each team put forth a valiant effort but the Fighting Scots would end up taking the lead with less than a minute remaining in the first half.

After emerging from the locker room at the half, it was evident that the Streaks would not lose their grip on the game.

Just minutes into the second slot of play, Emily Patrzyk ‘26, a new, but ferocious addition to the Blue Streak roster, would redirect a shot into the net to give John Carroll a tying goal.

Emily Patryzk embraces her teammate following her goal in the Senior Day game on Sunday. (JCU Sports Information Department)

Patrzyk later emphasized her magical footwork when she gained control of a throw-in and followed her impressive possession with another pristine goal for John Carroll. Patrzyk’s efforts propelled the Blue and Gold into a new-found sense of momentum and drive to maintain the lead.

As predicted, the sense of drive instilled within the Streaks amplified as the the half continued, resulting in a Gumeny and Madyson Rosado ‘25 connection that would create a larger lead deficit of 3-1. Gumeny was credited with the assist and Rosado sealed the attempt with a beautiful header that fell into the back of the net.

The goal differential and potential comeback ended up being out of reach for Wooster and the Blue and Gold walked away with an intense 3-1 victory on a paramount day of soccer.

“I felt like the game energy was high because it’s a special day and we were all in a positive mindset ready to play,” ended Suttman.

The win put John Carroll at an overall record of 3-4-2 on the season. 

The Blue Streaks are hopeful that the triumph will continue on Wednesday, Sept. 28 when they travel to Erie, PA to face Penn State Behrend at 5:00 p.m.