John Carroll launches Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program


Sophia Giallanza

This is a rendering of a high-fidelity nursing lab that is currently under construction on campus. Renovations will be made to Dolan Science Center.

Sophia Giallanza, Campus Editor

On Oct. 7, 2022, John Carroll announced the launch of the upcoming Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program. Beginning in the fall of 2023, students will have the opportunity to enroll in the BSN cohort and take corresponding classes. This will also come with a highly anticipated renovation to Dolan Science Center (see prospective design model above), putting JCU in connection with highly reputable hospitals such as Cleveland Clinic, University Hospital, MetroHealth and many other premier healthcare facilities in the region. 

Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Mike Scanlan ’06, spoke with The Carroll News regarding upcoming developments to the program. 

Scanlan explained that Cleveland is a top tier healthcare city, “and yet, we have not participated in the healthcare space in any meaningfully direct way. Other than our health pre-professional preparation programs (e.g., pre-med, pre-vet, pre-dent, pre-pharmacy, etc.), we have few specific health-related programs.”    

A nursing program at John Carroll has reportedly been in talks for decades. In Scanlan’s words, the decision to actively pursue nursing at JCU started about two and a half years ago. This effort led to the eventual decision made in June 2021 to implement the program. 

However, many are wondering, what about the JCU nursing program sets it apart from other institutions? Scanlan’s response is that “John Carroll’s nursing program is built on a philosophy that springs from our Jesuit Catholic heritage. It will be infused with charisms that we will recognize: reflection and discernment, care for the whole person (cura personalis), elements of social justice, and solidarity for and with others, as well as our JCU-specific missional elements, leadership and service.” 

Scanlan also revealed that those in the JCU nursing program will have the opportunity to participate in activities beyond the initial program. Those in the nursing major have the opportunity to take on a second major or minor. They also are encouraged to participate in service learning, athletics and other campus activities. 

Scanlan emphasized that the nursing program, as well as other pre-health programs, will aim to prepare students to enter future professional programs (med school, dental school, PT, OT, pharmacy, etc.). The nursing program will provide students with a respected outcome on its own, a licensure as a nurse with a BSN. 

As far as how many students John Carroll expects to take part in the program, Scanlan stated that the program is designed to attract 60 students per year once it is fully implemented. Although, its capacity is closer to 100 students a year. 

Scanlan also says that he believes that the BSN program in Dolan will become a JCU staple similar to the likes of the Boler College of Business: “we expect a JCU nursing degree to be of high value in the marketplace, and we will become known for its quality,” Scanlan stated. “It will take some time to get there, of course. And it will be, but one of several health-related programs that we will build out over the coming years.” 

The BSN program is also expected to attract students of all majors. When asked how the BSN program will interact with and possibly halt the enrollment of other majors, Scanlan responded by saying that “we can build a high-quality nursing program because our STEM and liberal arts programs are so strong. In short, we do not see these programs in competition for students. Rather, they build on each other and help to attract other students.” 

The nursing program isn’t the only healthcare program that John Carroll can expect to be added in the near future. According to Scanlan, “our strategic plan seeks to build out our HC efforts in three verticals: pre-health, clinicals and health administration and policy. We chose nursing as a first, logical step to move into the clinical care space. Other programs will follow.” 

As careers in the medical field rise in demand, the nursing program at John Carroll will surely produce prosperous results. Starting fall of 2023, students will likely take advantage of what can be expected to be a highly coveted degree. 

For more information on upcoming developments to the Bachelors of Science in Nursing program, visit John Carroll’s website