Sophia’s Column: Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas


Sophia Giallanza

Campus Editor, Sophia Giallanza, reflects on the top ten halloween costumes of 2022.

Sophia Giallanza, Campus Editor

As Halloween comes to an end, many college students are retiring from a fun-filled weekend. This will, in many cases, include a rigorous selection of different costumes that correspond with each night’s chosen event. In honor of this, I figured I would share what I believe to be the top 10 best halloween costume ideas for 2022. 

10. “Stranger Things” group costume 

This one is great for accommodating large groups seeing as there is a multitude of characters to choose from. Get a group together and be Steve, Nancy, Robin, Jonathan and Eddie or take on the younger generation of characters with Eleven and the gang. There are a multitude of looks from the last four seasons that are sure to serve as a good model for costume ideas. 

9. Classic Witch

While this one has been done many times, it always has the potential to be personalized in a different way. All you really need is a witch hat and some dark clothes and anyone can make this costume completely their own. Plus, witches are cool.  

8. Bob Ross

An oldie but a goodie; Bob Ross costumes never disappoint. For this, all you need are some blue jeans, a faded denim button up shirt and a Bob Ross wig/facial hair set. Feel free to use Lexi’s costume from “Euphoria” as inspiration. 

7. Jennifer Check from “Jennifer’s Body” 

This cult classic costume is both spooky and sexy. Channel your inner Megan Fox solo or pair this costume to incorporate Needy, Jennifer’s nerdy sidekick. For more inspiration, I suggest looking at stills from the film of these characters. 

6. “Peaky Blinders” cast

While this one has also been done many times, it never fails to look classy and humorous. Be a standalone costume as Thomas Shelby or make it a group costume and incorporate the rest of the 1930’s gangster gang. All this costume really takes is a newsboy cap, dress pants, dress shirt, dress coat, tie and, to top it off, a pocket watch.  

5. Elvis and Priscilla Presely

With the popularity of the “Elvis” movie this year, we will no doubt see a rise in costumes that mirror Elvis’ classic style. Aside from being a huge pop culture icon, Elvis is famous for his rockabilly getup which is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It can also be paired well as a couples or friends costume by adding Priscilla’s famous 1960’s makeup style and beehive hair. 

4. Shrek and Fiona from “Shrek”

This costume, although takes a lot of preparation, is sure to leave a lasting impression on crowds of all ages. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can make this into a group costume and incorporate the rest of the crew! 

3. Snooki from “Jersey Shore”

As a five foot tall Italian, Snooki will always have a special place in my heart, not to mention her 2000’s style is hilarious. Learn to master the Snooki ‘pouf’ hairstyle and put on your UGG boots, low rise jean shorts and tank tops and you’re all set. 

2. Roderick Heffley from “Diary of Wimpy Kid”

Roderick was undeniably the most memorable character from the famous Diary of Wimpy kid series. Pay tribute to this icon by wearing his famous ‘Loded Diper’ T-shirt, some black skinny jeans and some eyeliner. 

1. Black swan and white swan

This costume never fails to look fabulous! Black and white corset tops, corresponding makeup, and feathered wings are sure to dazzle any crowd. You can also refer to the 2010 film “Black Swan” for more outfit inspo!