Sophia’s Column: Does your major even matter?


Sophia Giallanza

Campus Editor, Sophia Giallanza, reflects on how your major in college is a means to an end.

Sophia Giallanza, Campus Editor

Coming to college, one of my biggest stresses was choosing a major that would set the trajectory for the rest of my life. After committing to John Carroll, I searched tirelessly for one that fit my interests exactly. However, like most college students, I soon realized that the perfect major does not exist. 

In fact, I would go as far as saying that what you select as a major, in the end, won’t make or break your career experience. As someone who came into college with the intention of picking up a communication major, I can honestly say that my decision to ultimately major in English was based on sheer interest. 

This made me wonder, would my life be any different if I choose a completely different path as a business major? Possibly. But most likely I would still pursue something with writing or journalism in a business setting regardless. The specific college on my degree would just be a way to get my foot through the door of the corporate world. 

Although when entering college it seems like life or death, I believe your choice in a major is really just a means to an end. At the end of the day, most of us will deduce what we want to do based on experience rather than classroom learning. 

Before coming to JCU, I worked as an office assistant for a Physical Therapist. Although this opened up the possibility of working in the medical field or pursuing a business degree, my main takeaway from that experience was that I enjoyed working on editing projects. Now, I’m in the process of obtaining a degree in English and writing for our college newspaper. In the future, I may even attend graduate school for a Masters in English or work in the education field. 

All in all, stressing about your major isn’t worth it. Chances are, you will decide your path based on experiences.