JCU’s PO321 class participates in the 30th Mid Atlantic European Union Simulation


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Carroll News’ own Laken Kincaid and Patrick Kane travel to Arlington, Virginia for political science seminar. They participated in the 30th Annual Mid-Atlantic European Union Simulation.

Nick Sack, Editor-in-Chief

From Nov. 9 through 12, nine students from John Carroll’s PO-321: Politics of the European Union course attended the 30th Annual Mid-Atlantic European Union Simulation in Arlington, Virginia. Through this conference, various students from a myriad of schools around the country participated in roundtable discussions, playing the roles of a multitude of politicians from across the Atlantic. The John Carroll delegation was from Germany and took on numerous identities of notable political leaders.

On Nov. 10, each school was given the opportunity to speak with officials at the foreign embassy of the nation they represented; JCU specifically spoke with members of the German embassy in Washington D.C. They were also able to view monuments and landmarks inside the city. 

After this, following opening remarks from students representing the European Commission and heads of government from multiple nations in the EU, the participants engaged in two days worth of debate over policies relevant to the current political situation abroad, including the current migrant crisis and the Russia-Ukraine war. 

The Carroll News’ own Laken Kincaid ‘24 and Patrick Kane ‘23 both participated in the simulation in important positions. Kincaid served as EU President Charles Michel while Kane served as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. 

On Nov. 12, the simulation concluded with a reading of the resolutions reached by the heads of government and an awards ceremony. Caroline Chandler ‘25, a political science student at JCU, won the Emilio Rodriguez Award for Parliamentary Committees: Civil Liberties, Justice & Home Affairs for her performance as a member of parliament. As President, Kincaid presented the James A. Blessing Award to the peer selected best Head of Government at the simulation which fell to the student who played Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

“I appreciate having the opportunity to take part in an experiential learning event with my classmates,” Chandler, who played German Pirate Party member Patrick Breyer, told The Carroll News. “I truly enjoyed being able to learn more about how the EU functions, visit the German embassy and explore DC.”

It wasn’t just JCU students that had a lot to take away from the event. Tabi Gilbert ‘25, a student from Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania, played the role of Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda and spoke to The Carroll News about her experience.

“My biggest takeaway [is that] cooperation in groups where you don’t know everybody to start with is extremely important and that the best things in life come unexpectedly. At [Lebanon Valley], the Simulation is typically only for juniors and seniors and I am a sophomore… I was unexpectedly offered a spot and was unsure of my ability and my potential. But, I think actively looking for experiences that expose you to your field of passion will always ignite a deeper passion.” 

The Political Science department is expected to continue their long standing tenure at the simulation. Students interested can register for PO-220: European Union Simulation next fall.