Cleveland Cavaliers thrive despite injury woes



The Cleveland Cavaliers bounce back to success after intense times.

Mario Ghosn, Staff Reporter

Basketball is an incredibly physically demanding sport. Injuries are expected, especially at the professional level. The National Basketball Association demands the highest level of play from its athletes which often results in a revolving door of injuries. These concerns have only gotten worse throughout the years. 

According to Baxter Holmes of, the average number of players sidelined during the 2020-2021 season, not counting COVID-19 related absences, was 5.1. This is the highest since ESPN began tracking the data during the 2008-2009 season

Teams are constantly adjusting gameplans due to the plethora of injuries and the Cleveland Cavaliers are one of those teams who cannot seem to shake the injury bug. 

The season began with All-Star guard Darius Garland sustaining trauma to his eye, resulting in him missing extended time. He also suffered an injury to his knee shortly after. His fellow backcourt guard, Donovan Mitchell, suffered an ankle injury around the same time. Even after they both returned, the starting five were not able to get many games together under their belt before starting center Jarrett Allen additionally suffered an ankle injury. Allen’s injury is still ongoing as his play is considered “day-to-day” going into the Cavs’ Tuesday matchup against the Los Angeles Lakers. Despite the negatives that come with the star center being injured, second-year forward Evan Mobley has begun to blossom into the player that many hoped he would be after his phenomenal rookie year. His aggression and overall improvement to his game has helped the Cavs remain afloat in these tough times. 

Despite the injuries, the Cavs are currently the third seed in the Eastern Conference with a 15-9 win/loss record. This positive record has been achieved through the “next man up” mentality the team has preached since the beginning of the year. Players who are typically on the bench are being asked to step up and fill the holes that the various injuries have created. The gritty “never say die” culture the organization has created is playing a pivotal role this season; the team needs to continue to persevere until everyone is healthy.

The Cavs have yet to fully demonstrate their full potential as a team. Once injuries begin to lessen, this team will be able to fully mesh and capitalize on the talent available to make a deep playoff push and potentially win a championship. They currently sit four games back from the Celtics’ first seed with 58 games remaining in the season, so there is plenty of time to become a powerhouse in the Eastern Conference. It may be early to fully commit to this young team in terms of being a championship contender, but with a healthy roster, the Cavs are definitely worth keeping an eye on.