THINKfest fosters creativity

Jonathan Shackleton, The Carroll News

More than 300 high school students gathered in the LSC Conference Room on Oct. 7 and 8 to attend THINKfest, an event that offers students an interactive way to learn about entrepreneurship.

THINKfest challenged students’ creativity by having them participate in different exercises, such as using two Pringle cans to create new products and inventions. The second activity made the students take two words that already existed and create a new one, said Tom Bonda, assistant director of the Muldoon Center. These activities were meant to foster creativity and effective communication between the students, according to Bonda.

THINKfest was sponsored by the Muldoon Center and the Veale Foundation, a foundation dedicated to creating programs for students to learn about entrepreneurship and networking. Bonda mentioned that students can utilize LaunchNet, a co-curricular program that allows students, faculty, staff and alumni network and collaborate on entrepreneurship ventures.

Bonda said some of the Muldoon Center’s upcoming events are Dare to Dream and Ohio Innovates. Dare to Dream helps high school girls set goals and help them achieve the goals set, and Ohio Innovates is geared toward S.T.E.M students where JCU students act as mentors to help high school students achieve their dreams.