TikTok Introduces New Fashion Trends

Nasya Stevenson, Staff Reporter

Photo From Wikimedia Commons

Almost two billion people are using the video sharing app TikTok and teens are obsessed. Not only do these videos include dancing, comedy, lip-syncing and more, fashion trends are becoming popular as well. Fashion trends “e-boy” and “e-girl” are types of online personas that teens popularized on the app. 

The “e” in “e-girl” means “ electronic.” E-boys and e-girls have a large presence online. The terms existed before TikTok came along. According to the women’s fashion magazine, theCut, “Terms that were popularized on the video-sharing app [TikTok] this year, like ‘VSCO girls’ and ‘e-boys,’ were among some of the most-searched on Google.” 

It is clear that TikTok has an impact on how Generation Z teens dress. E-boys dress in dark and edgy clothing with black as the main color. Usually, you see them dressed in t-shirts with a long-sleeved, striped shirt underneath. They may even wear black nail polish. E-boys often accessorize with statement jewelry and chains to look edgier. They also wear beanie hats, baseball hats and bucket hats. Converse, Vans and Doc Martens are common shoes for e-boys. 

E-girls have a similar fashion style to e-boys as their preferred clothing is also dark and edgy. E-girls try to go bold with colored hair and makeup. Their hair may be styled in pigtails or with hair clips. 

Not all fashion trends are on the dark side, however. VSCO girls and soft boys and girls have a different aesthetic compared to e-boys and e-girls. VSCO girls are a modern version of the early 2010s “tumblr girl.” They originated from the photo sharing and editing app, VSCO. These girls are optimistic, with a hipster style. Items associated with VSCO girls are hair scrunchies, Hydro Flasks, stickers, Apple products, Birkenstocks, Crocs and oversized tees. 

Soft girls have natural, straight or curly hair and wear hair clips. They dress in pastel colors and wear t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, mom jeans, overalls, dresses and skirts. They also wear Vans, Converse and platform shoes. Some soft girls even wear berets. When it comes to makeup, they keep it natural with winged eyeliner and blushed cheeks. 

Soft boys have a more comfy and casual style. Also, most popular soft boys have curly hair.  Beanie hats, belts, long socks and shoe brands Converse, Nikes and Vans are soft boys’ choice of accessories.

These trends even have their own hashtags and people are recreating the looks on YouTube. For example, some videos are titled “TikTok girls in real life,” “E-girl makeup tutorial,” “VSCO girl transformation,” “How to be a soft girl” and many more. 

TikTok fashion is found on TikTok and also on other social media platforms. These specific fashion styles appear to be everywhere and are very well-known among kids aged 12-18. Over the generations, fashion has not completely changed, but teenagers always find a new way to express their own style, as is evident in the emerging trends from TikTok.