The Rising popularity of puffer jackets


Photo from Pixabay

Dana Shugrue, Online Editor

Tune into any episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” and you’ll find someone is wearing a puffer jacket. There are certain times when a longer “mom” winter jacket isn’t necessary, and a shorter puffy jacket suits the weather perfectly. Here in Cleveland, the temperature is unpredictable and puffer jackets are perfect for when it’s above freezing but not quite spring weather.

This past year, Kim Kardashian was spotted multiple times wearing “puffers” of different lengths and colors. Two of her best looks were a cropped silvery puffer jacket and a black one that hit right above the waist. Are you not particularly sure why a cropped winter coat even exists? Well, it looks fashionable when paired with the right outfit.

Meghan Markle, Emily Ratajkowski and the Hadid sisters, Bella and Gigi, have also been seen wearing stylish puffer coats. Considering that Ratajkowski and the Hadids are fashion models, they’re constantly up-to-date on current trends and what has fallen in and out of style. Markle, on the other hand, is literal royalty … whatever she wears is automatically making headlines. All three women have made their point loud and clear — get rid of hooded mom coats, and get on board with the puffer trend.

The temperamental weather of Northeast Ohio is perfect for puffer coats, as it feels like summer one day, and the arctic tundra the next. No matter what part of Cleveland winter you’re in, there’s a puffer that works — cropped or mid-length — and a color that goes with every season.

As styled by many celebrities, puffer jackets are extremely versatile and can be worn many ways. Reality television stars? Check. British royalty? Check. Runway fashion models? Triple check. The beauty of the puffer coat is in its simplicity — there aren’t any extra designs, annoying hoods or uncomfortable materials. Gear up for the remaining days of winter with a puffer jacket and stay on trend.