Taking it Back to 2012: Justin Bieber

Dana Shugrue, Online Editor

Just two weeks ago, pop singer Justin Bieber released his hit single “Yummy,” which quickly hit number three on the Billboard Hot 100. Although it became popular among teens and young adults fairly quickly, the song’s reception was far from positive. According to the Verge, “Yummy” is merely Bieber’s attempt to become the next Tik Tok sensation, as several dances on the app have been choreographed to the song. Beliebers were left wondering what’s to come this Valentine’s Day, the date of his next album release.

“Yummy” has extremely repetitive lyrics. “Yummy, yum” is said six times in the first 10 seconds. The overall consensus is disappointing — fans were expecting a meaningful song, and “Yummy” just wasn’t it.

Last week, the singer released “Get Me,” featuring Kehlani, a catchy tune that has more substance than his first single. This song raised expectations for most Bieber fans, especially regarding his next album. It focuses on a romantic relationship, presumably the one shared between Bieber and his wife, Hailey.

If these two songs are any indication of what’s to come on Feb. 14, then one thing is crystal clear — it’s a sharp turnaround from his previous album, “Purpose.” Rather than focusing on spiritual journeys and uphill battles, his new record may be filled with repetitive, surface-level hits for pop radio stations. To be frank, Bieber’s latest songs are reminiscent of his teenie-bopper phase in 2012. Listeners are getting “My World” vibes all around.