Sophia Maltese elected Editor-in-Chief of The Carroll News


The Carroll News elected former Managing Editor Sophia Maltese as the Editor-in-Chief for the 2020-2021 school year on March 20, 2020. 

Maltese has worked at The Carroll News since the beginning of her freshman year. She has served in the roles of copy editor, staff reporter, campus editor, managing editor and, informally, button-maker, cleaning enthusiast and Diet Pepsi advocate. 

Maltese is a double major in English and Communication with a minor in Political Science. She is most known for the passion and thorough editing she brings to the newsroom. “I am thrilled to serve The Carroll News as its Editor-in-Chief in the upcoming school year,” Maltese said. “When I joined this organization as a freshman, I knew it was a significant moment. I felt the weight of my decision; I felt something click. Then I met Bob Noll, the past advisor of the paper, former Managing Editor Julie Hullett, former Editor-in-Chief Olivia Shackleton and current advisor Carrie Buchanan. I saw their passion and grit. I saw the changes students like me were making. That’s when I knew The Carroll News would stick.”

Maltese has reported on numerous challenging stories during her tenure at The Carroll News, including academic prioritization and the mayoral election cycle. She has worked as a professional editor for three years and been published in multiple outside magazines and journals. Last year, she was awarded the Mary Beadle Scholarship for print journalism, the Society of Professional Journalists Award and the Terri Ann Goodman Scholarship for female writers.

“I have been preparing for this role for the entirety of my John Carroll career,” Maltese said. “With the help of our excellent staff, I am confident the next year will be one of growth, discovery and good journalism. We have a voice, and it’s my job to ensure we’re using it as effectively as we can.”

Maltese will be joined by Managing Editor Josie Schuman. Schuman was the former Opinion/Editorial editor and is a double major in English and Education with a minor in Spanish. 

“I was thrown into The Carroll News this past fall as the Op/Ed editor,” Schuman said. “I was the newbie on staff, and I had a lot of learning to do, but in the process, I ended up discovering one of my passions. I am so excited to take on a new leadership position and continue learning about how to produce a great paper.”

Together, Maltese and Schuman hope to implement effective structural changes to increase productivity and advance the community’s engagement with The Carroll News.