An Empty Campus

Rachel Scully, Campus Editor

It’s usually a campus flooded with students. Now, JCU sits mostly vacant, like a ghost town. Before the pandemic, students would squeeze by each other in the halls, groan about parking a little too far from Murphy and wonder what kind of meal was waiting for them in the Caf. Now, the campus is largely deserted, awaiting a time when it will be filled with life again.


This area of campus, frequently filled with students, lays empty with the fountain still running. (Photo by Rachel Scully)


The new study area in front of the Student Center still hasn’t reached its full potential. (Photo by Rachel Scully)
Hamlin Quad, an area that was once active with sports, now sits empty. (Photo by Rachel Scully)
The Grasselli walkway was one of the busiest on campus. (Photo by Rachel Scully)
Signs have been installed across campus to remind any visitors to respect social distancing guidelines. (Photo by Rachel Scully)
The Quad hosted concerts, frisbee, study sessions and more. (Photo by Rachel Scully)