Campus Column: The Law of Attraction


Nicolette Noce, Campus Editor

“When one door closes, another one opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell

 Some people look at their lives as a series of events: some connected, some separated from each other. I see life as a process: one moment leading to another, in which encounters with interesting people guide me to experiencing the most peculiar things. 

 The law of attraction states that people will attract into their lives the things they give their attention to, which can be negative or positive. In other words, our thoughts eventually become realities. 

 Some wonder why they don’t get what they ask for, but I think it’s because this it’s not as simple as asking.

 Human beings produce conscious and unconscious thoughts. Unconscious thoughts are, surprisingly, more powerful. If the two thought processes are not in alignment, people will not attract what they want.

 Some believe that the entire being of a person must be in agreement before receiving anything. The entire being is made of three parts: Mind, Body and Spirit.

 An individual may think they want something, like a winning lottery ticket for example. Unless the entire being — that is, the Mind, Body and Spirit — are in unison in that desire, it will not be fulfilled, the theory holds. Unless the entire being believes without the slightest doubt that they will have the winning ticket, they simply will not win. 

 The person will speak the winning ticket out of existence without being fully conscious they are doing so. The Mind and Body might think they want and have the winning ticket, but if the Spirit does not desire to be a lottery winner, then it simply cannot be. 

 Similarly, when we dwell on closed doors in our lives, we fail to recognize the truth that our entire being did not really want whatever it is we feel we have lost. 

 The universe is complex, producing outcomes based on vibrations. Our thoughts are vibrations.Positive thoughts move at a higher and faster rate, while negative thoughts move at a lower and slower rate. Vibrations are energy, and energy becomes matter.Thoughts become realities.

 Moreover, the universe will never give you something you did not truly want. This is alarming because it raises the question: “Why did something bad happen to me? Surely,  I did not want it.” These seemingly unwanted events are part of the process; they may have needed to happen to lead the individual through a new door. 

 The problem with so-called closed doors is that we are under the impression that we truly wanted whatever it is we didn’t get. Of course, maybe a part of us desired that certain opportunity or experience.Maybe our Mind wanted it, but not our Body.Maybe our Soul wanted it, but the Body and Mind could not come to agreement. With this, we subconsciously tell the universe about our partial desire, and the universe politely shuts the door for us. 

 Through this understanding, we can gather that we are in more control than we think. The universe only does what we tell it to. We produce vibrations, and the universe responds to them. 

 The trouble is, the longer we look at a closed door, the harder it is to change direction or change perception. Consequently, we fall into negative thought patterns. 

 With a change in focus, we can re-navigate our thoughts and cultivate positive vibrations, which will lead to open doors. 

 Why do we spend so much time focusing on closed doors? Is there a point in having something our whole being did not want in the fullest possible capacity? 

Would we want a partner who only loved two-thirds of us? 

Would we want a car that only worked two-thirds of the time? 

 The universe knows the answer, which is reflected in our three-part being. As unfair as the universe seems, she only does what we ask of her and what is best for us. 

When the universe notices something is not working in our lives, she removes it, just as we would replace a phone that only worked two-thirds of the time or distance ourselves from a friend who was only there for us one-third of the time. 

 Believe it or not, the universe loves us three-thirds of the time —the ‘whole’ time.