Top 5 slouchy street wear brands


Kaitlin Ryan

Lounge wear has moved its way up the fashion food chain and become an every day staple.

Kaitlin Ryan, Social Media Editor

The pandemic has created deep and semi-permanent impacts on our popular culture. Today’s fashion trends are highly influenced by social media with a focus on DIY clothing hacks  (remember bleaching all of your old hoodies?) and most importantly, comfort. 

The dress code for at-home education and work-life leans towards a more relaxed, fresh-out-of-bed-but-make-it-fashionable approach. As eventual life post-pandemic becomes more within reach, slouchy clothes continue to penetrate the street wear fashion scene. Pull on your sweatpants and matching home-cut cropped hoodies. These are five sweat brands to shop, with rankings of their size range, sustainability and affordability: 



According to the San Marcos, California-based brand’s website, RicherPoorer “dig[s] nice people and ethical factories.” Sweats are their speciality with colors ranging from earth tones to the quarantine classic, soft-colored tie dye. Their recycled fleece materials give them an advantage in the sustainability category. While they are not the most frugal option, they are not the most expensive either. A reviewer named Sarah Opatkiewicz commented on their Women’s Recycled Fleece Hoodie that it felt like “you’re being enveloped in a hug.” 

Price: $$

Sustainability: Great

Size Range: XS-XL


Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices’ website clearly outlines an extensive plan for running a sustainable fashion brand. They use several types of alternative materials that are soft on skin and good for the planet like RecPoly, Merino and CloudKnit. The predominantly athleisure brand is innovative in its sourcing and its clothing styles. For example, they offer an exercise dress —a breathable, form-fitting, unique way of presenting activewear. 

Price: $$

Sustainability: Excellent

Size Range: XS-XL

Junior Mary Kate Boyle (pictured above) is wearing lounge pieces from Target’s Wild Fable and Prologue collections. Both brands have lounge pieces available at JCU’s local Target, 14070 Cedar Rd. (Kaitlin Ryan)

Girl Next Door

This Black female-owned online boutique aspires to empower women by making them look and feel their best. Founder and owner Synahia writes on her website, “I have taken it upon myself to create a brand that girls from all walks of life and stature can connect with and relate to. For the not so regular, regular girls.” The extensive collection of trendy loungewear comes at affordable prices with unique styles and color options.

Price: $

Sustainability: Average

Size Range: S-L



Costly but for a good cause. Pangaia is working to create a Biodegradable Polyester with Kintra Fibers, according to its website, They also have a philanthropic platform, #PANGAIAMissions, which encourages people to give back to organizations that return the planet’s favor of hosting us. The wide range of size options makes it possible for people of any body shape and size to support the Pangaia mission. 

Price: $$$

Sustainability: Excellent

Size Range: XXS-XXL


Urban Renewal by Urban Outfitters

While some major fashion corporations are criticized for poor sustainability practices, Urban Outfitters’ Urban Renewal line highlights their attempted efforts in creating unique pieces of clothing from recycled materials and upcycling. Some pieces in the line are totally unique. If you are looking for a statement slouchy street-wear piece, then the Urban Renewal line may be for you. 

Price: $$

Sustainability: Good

Size Range: S/M, L/XL