February snowstorm brings JCU students into the cold

Ann Walsh, Staff Reporter

Imprints in the snow indicate just how high it is. (Photo by Aiden Keenan)

Last week,JCU’s campus along with the rest of Cleveland received a winter surprise: a snowstorm which dumped 8-10 inches of snow. Due to the high volume of snow, JCU was remote on Tuesday, Feb. 16, which allowed students to enjoy class from the comfort of their rooms. Sophomore Nora McKee said some days, she enjoys having class from her room. 

“I love being in-person, but on especially cold days, it’s nice not to have to leave my room for class,” she said.

Many students seemed to enjoy the blanket of snow that covered the campus. “Usually when it snows, even a little bit, I like to start a snowball fight, either on the way to class or to Murphy mass. It’s something to lift the mood on days that can be so sad,” said Sophomore Bobby Boland. 

Sophomores Adam Defiendorff and Mimi McNea also enjoyed the snow. Both students, along with some of their other friends, threw themselves into the foot and a half of snow. “We wanted to do something fun on our way back from Murphy mass, so we decided ‘Why not throw ourselves into the snow?’” said McNea.

When Mimi McNea, Adam Defiendorff and friends decided to trust fall into the snow, they didn’t know that the imprint would last for the next week. (Photo by Mimi McNea)

They weren’t the only ones enjoying the snow from the storm. Students living off campus also decided to take advantage of the snow.

Seniors Alex Rajakovich, Ava Minutello and junior Olivia Mirmohamed decided to create snowmen for everyone on Warrensville to see. “Since we can’t really go places because of COVID-19, we decided to make something in the snow to keep us occupied.

The snow man by Rajakovich wearing winter essentials, a hat and a scarf. (Photo by Alex Rajakovic)
The three snowmen Rajakovich, Mirmohamed and Minutello created. (Photo by Ava Minutello)
A spot where students can sit and enjoy the outdoors, as long as they don’t mind the cold and stepping into the snow! (Photo by Aiden Keenan)
The light from the bell tower created the perfect halo for the statue of St. Ignatius of Loyola. St Ignatius also demonstrates how not to wear a mask outside. (Photo by Aiden Keenan)
The snow is slowly melting away outside of Sutowski Hall. (Photo by Aiden Keenan)

Even though this snowstorm might be melting away, University Heights is not in the clear yet. There will be plenty of opportunities for students to enjoy the winter weather.