Breaking: Academic VP Steven Herbert asks professors to take campus-wide day off

Kaitlin Ryan, Assistant Arts and Life Editor

The University administration is requesting that professors allow a day off from undergraduate instruction on Wednesday, March 3. The announcement came as a memo from Academic Vice President Steven Herbert to the faculty and staff of John Carroll.

In the email, Herbert urged all faculty members to see this day as a “snow day” and make the adjustments necessary to adapt their courses in ways most beneficial to students. He acknowledged the growing need for a day off, noting the increased levels of stress and anxiety on campus. 

The break request follows the recent petition written by Junior Haley Palmer. The petition, “Approve Mental Health Days for JCU Students,” has 385 signatures as of Feb. 25. Palmer created the petition in response to the removal of JCU’s annual spring break and mental health issues reported by students.

On March 3, professors are being asked to cancel lectures, delay assignment due dates and postpone studying so both they and their students can take care of their mental health and allow themselves a restful day off.

Herbert allowed that there will be some courses that cannot accommodate this request because, for example, they meet only once a week on that day or have an exam that cannot be rescheduled. He encouraged those professors to allow students a different day off in the affected course, which some professors have already scheduled.