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Dune is set to release Oct. 22 in theaters. The film, directed by Denis Villeneuve, has been long-awaited by fans.

Film Review: Long-awaited “Dune” hits theaters

Grace Sherban, The Carroll News October 21, 2021

After many delays, Denis Villeneuve’s newest film “Dune” is ready to hit theaters on Oct. 22 and will be available on HBO Max. Villeneuve, the acclaimed director of 2016’s “Arrival” and 2017’s...

Located on Cleveland Heights Coventry Road, Soba Asian Kitchen is a hidden gem of Clevelands cuisine

Cleveland Cuisine: Soba Asian Kitchen

Raymond Weisburg, The Carroll News October 15, 2021

In the heart of Cleveland’s diverse cultural and trendy hipster atmosphere emerges a fresh example of eastern traditions paired with eclectic western influences and flavors. Soba Asian Kitchen, located...

Growing up can be scary. You watch yourself change, transition through life and even develop body aches. This week, Kaitlin gives some words of wisdom as an ancient 22-year-old.

Kaitlin’s Column: Four things I learned at 21

Kaitlin Ryan, Arts & Life Editor October 15, 2021

I turned 22 on Oct. 10, and it’s factually correct and safe to say that this is the oldest I have ever been and felt, respectively. Our perspectives change with age and I am no exception. At the beginning...

It is written in the stars. Are you a spicy pisces? Or a confident Leo? Nicolette Noce gives you the rundown on which Halloween candy best represents your star sign.

What Halloween candy are you based on your star sign?

Nicolette Noce, Campus Editor October 15, 2021

Halloween, costumes and candy aren’t just for kids. See which candy treats were created to satisfy your star sign.  Aries (March 21 – April 19): As the fitness-focused sign, a healthy Aries...

Margaret Skubik gives you a guide to thrifting in Cleveland, OH. From vintage boutiques to eclectic shops, this is your way to find a unique piece.

Your Cleveland Thrift Guide

Margaret Skubik, Staff Reporter October 15, 2021

As Halloween quickly approaches and we begin the frantic search for a last minute costume, challenge yourself to stray away from the temptations of buying from Amazon or other fast-fashion brands. Instead,...

To recognize National Depression Awareness Month, Claire Schuppel gives the facts about mental health and resources to help.

Understanding your mental health during depression awareness month

Claire Schuppel, The Carroll News October 14, 2021

Sometimes one is overcome with a wave of impenetrable negative emotion that cannot adequately be put into words. Often, this can be greater than just feeling sad, nervous or overwhelmed. When one might...

Your excuse to be a kid again and play dress-up is approaching. Corinne McDevitt gives you the ultimate guide to unique and easy Halloween costumes.

Easy and unique Halloween costume ideas

Corinne McDevitt, Social Media Editor October 14, 2021

Halloween can mean many different things to people, from candy to scary movies and everything in between. For me, it is the one night a year it is socially acceptable to play dress-up as an adult. While...

Adele teases her new album 30 to be released on Nov. 19. Fans have been awaiting this album for quite some time. Her Instagram post confirming the rumors of the release has over 4.7 million likes.

Adele announces new album “30” to release Nov. 19

Nasya Stevenson, Staff Reporter October 14, 2021

Hello, it’s me. Fans speculated about Adele’s return in the beginning of October when projections of the number “30” projections across the world. Adele has teased her new single, “Easy on Me,”...

A recreation of Maurizio Cattelans Comedian.

Hot take: modern art sucks

Logan Colman, The Carroll News October 11, 2021
"The movement of this kind of art is part of a greater problem that permeates society: hard work and skill is not as valued as it once was."
Growing up can be scary. You watch yourself change, transition through life and even develop body aches. This week, Kaitlin gives some words of wisdom as an ancient 22-year-old.

Kaitlin’s Column: The tea

Kaitlin Ryan, Arts & Life Editor October 8, 2021

I never thought the day would come, but I admit, with shame: I am becoming a tea person. No, I am not becoming someone who is obsessed with gossip, even if my ears do perk up when someone tells...

Phoebe Bridgers playing her guitar, her signature instrument, during the Cleveland show of the Reunion Tour.

Phoebe Bridgers “Reunion” concert encapsulates autumn

Claire Schuppel, The Carroll News October 7, 2021

With concert season in full swing and the emergence of autumn, many are looking forward to listening to music that fits the energy of this time. Phoebe Bridgers performed at Jacob’s Pavilion at Nautica...

Enjoy the crisp fall air and listen to Arts & Life Editor Kaitlin Ryans curated October 2021 playlist.

October 2021 Playlist

Kaitlin Ryan, Arts & Life Editor October 7, 2021

Chilling vocals, crackling overlays and nostalgic themes: it must be fall music. October is the effervescent peak of the fall season. The leaves are getting brighter and everyone’s music taste is getting...

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