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Roger stone made a V for victory pose after his arrest

President Trump Faces Backlash After Interference With Roger Stone’s Criminal Case

Patrick Kidwell, Staff Writer February 22, 2020

On Tuesday, Feb. 11, Trump criticized how Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice handled the case of Roger Stone, a former Trump adviser accused of lying to congress, obstruction of...

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary

Patrick Kane, Staff Writer February 22, 2020

After the political embarrassment that was the Iowa Democratic Caucuses, the New Hampshire primary, held on Feb. 11th, produced a clearcut victor: Vermont Sen.Senator Bernie Sanders. However, despite easily...

Romney Votes to Convict in spite of Forseen Trump Acquittal

Patrick Kane, Staff Reporter February 13, 2020

 On Feb. 5, the U.S. Senate formally voted to acquit President Donald J. Trump on both charges of corruption for which he was impeached by the House of Representatives. The outcome, which was almost a...

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Iowa Caucus Overshadowed by Reporting Inaccuracies

Patrick Kidwell, Staff Reporter February 13, 2020

Close to 176,000 registered Iowans filed in line at their local caucuses on Monday, Feb. 3. As noted by the Associated Press, this number marks a slight surge from the 2016 contest between Sen. Bernie...

Immigration officials go to court to get Denver records

The Associated Press February 13, 2020

 U.S. immigration officials are asking a federal judge to force Denver to turn over information about three men accused of crimes who are subject to deportation after the city refused to comply with its...

Coronavirus infects 42,638 in China

Andrew Gilkey, World News Editor February 13, 2020

According to Chinese officials, the number of coronavirus infections in the subcontinent risen to 42,638. Likewise, the death toll risen: 1,016 people have died from the illness Feb 11, which has surpassed...

Photo from Pixabay

U.N. court order to Myanmar to prevent genocide against Rohingya

Natalia Pozuelo-Arbide January 30, 2020

In 2016, Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi was the de facto state counselor of Myanmar, known for her efforts in bringing democracy to that country. Currently, she faces criticism for supporting...

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Fourth case of new coronavirus confirmed in the U.S.

Andrew Gilkey, World News Editor January 30, 2020

Maricopa County health officials told The New York Times that an adult patient who was a student from Arizona State University had contracted the new coronavirus. As of Jan. 28 this is the fifth case of...

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International investigation into Ukrainian plane crash

Nick Sack January 30, 2020

 A Ukrainian plane smouldering on the ground. A country on high alert. Two ballistic missiles. On Jan. 8, Iran shot down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 after it took off from Tehran’s airport,...

Image via Pixabay

Missile strike hits U.S. embassy in Baghdad

Andrew Gilkey, World News Editor January 30, 2020

Among the chaos caused by petrochemical production sanctions placed on Iran, the death of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani and the cries of Iraqi citizens for U.S. involvement to end in their country, a salvo...

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Virginia Ratifies Equal Rights Amendment

Patrick Kane January 30, 2020

In February 1970, Congress put in motion a proposed constitutional amendment guaranteeing equal rights regardless of sex. In the immediate aftermath, over 30 states (including Ohio) voted to ratify this...

Photo from Pixabay

The Democratic Debates continue as Iowa Caucus nears

Nick Sack January 29, 2020

On Tuesday, Jan. 14, the Democratic presidential candidates gathered on the debate stage in Des Moines, Iowa for the final time before the  first Iowa caucus. Though this was once thought to be the most...

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