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  • November 9Joe Biden wins the 2020 presidential election
  • November 7Matt Meyer '22 is elected Student Government President
Natalia Pozuelo-Arbide
Natalia Pozuelo-Arbide, a Spaniard-American, is a member of JCU’s Senior Class of 2021. She is double majoring in Communication (concentration Integrated Marketing Communication) and Spanish Hispanic Studies with a minor in Political Science. Natalia enjoys writing about the latest marketing communication tactics used to narrate a brand’s mission and the positive impact communication has in the healthcare field. Natalia was selected for the Tim Russert Dept. of Communication 2020, Michael R. Mansmann ’01 Endowed Scholarship for Creative Writing in Communication. In addition to writing, Natalia has a strong passion for visual storytelling and admires creative directors who include all individuals in the fashion media. Natalia was selected as PRSA Foundation national 2020 recipient of the Neumeier Family Leadership Award. In whatever the future holds for Natalia, she is determined to follow the words of leader Spaniard Chef José Andrés, “We need to make sure we are building walls that are shorter and tables that are longer....We weaponized empathy. Without empathy, nothing works.”

Natalia Pozuelo-Arbide, Staff Reporter

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Natalia Pozuelo-Arbide