John Carroll Student Government announces 2021 executive board

Matthew Meyer is elected President of Student Government.


Matthew Meyer was elected President of Student Government alongside his vice president, Margaret Skubik.

Rachel Scully, Campus Editor

John Carroll Student Government has elected a new executive board for the 2021 semester. 

Junior Matthew Meyer was elected president of Student Government. “I am honored to be chosen to serve as Student Government’s president and extremely grateful for the support our community has shown me during the election cycle,” Meyer said. “Heading into the 2021 term, I am looking forward to the great things this administration will accomplish in our return to campus. The road ahead will be full of challenges, but I am determined to restore our bright student life in the spring.”

“It goes back to what Kobe Bryant said,” Meyer told The Carroll News. “The job’s not done; just because you win a presidency doesn’t mean anything. You’ve got to actually do something with it.”

Meyer says he understands the challenges of the upcoming semester. “Before it was more about building on to what students can do, adding on to the experience…but now it’s about restoring it.”

Meyer said he wants to ensure the safety of everyone on campus while also providing an enjoyable campus experience. Meyer added that he wants to give incoming students the college experience “they were promised.”

“I’ve spoken to quite a few freshmen … and obviously, they lost their senior year in high school. … Now they’re dealing with the pandemic still, heading into college,” Meyer said. “So my main goal is to make sure everybody on campus gets to enjoy the experience that we were all intending to have before COVID hit.”

Meyer said that Student Government has been continuously working with the JCU COVID-19 Task Force to ensure safety for students as they hopefully return in the spring.

Margaret Skubik

Junior Margaret Skubik was elected vice president. She said that her passion for student government began in middle school and continued to grow from there.

“I believe that you fall even more in love with your school if you’re in a leadership position, such as serving on a student government,” Skubik said. “You additionally see things that need change and new insights.”

Skubik has served on JCU Student Government since her freshman year, when she was the Chairperson for the Community Relations and Service Committee. She now serves as the Residence Life chair.

“As your vice president, I will continue to put my passions and dedication into JCSG, whether that be through new, innovative ideas, committee work or work with special projects,” she said. “I am here to serve the student body with ever-growing positivity and commitment.”

Below are the rest of the executive board along with their message for the John Carroll Community.

Kelsey Farrell: Vice President for Business Affairs 

“I’m so excited to work with the Executive Board members, Senate members, and all other students. Thank you for your support and congratulations to all elects!”

Kelsey Farrell

Adam Biery, Vice President of Judicial Affairs

“Hey, Blue Streaks! I can’t wait to work with everyone on the new Executive Board for 2021, and I am beyond grateful for this opportunity. I look forward to serving you as your next Vice President of Judicial Affairs!”

Adam Biery

Nick Brayer, Vice President for Student Organizations 

“I am humbled to have been elected by the student body to fill the role of VPSO. I thank Jason Gialamas for encouraging me to run for the position and for his help throughout the process. I am looking forward to becoming a part of student government and to be a representative of student organizations.”

Nick Brayer

Emma Kosicek, Vice President of Programming 

“I am so grateful for this opportunity to represent the John Carroll community! I can not wait to engage the John Carroll Student Body with the rest of the 2021 executive board! Thank you to everyone for your support! Go Blue Streaks!”

Emma Kosicek

Teadora Tate, Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

“In my time as executive Vice President for diversity equity and inclusion I realized that there is so much more that I want to accomplish. Now I feel as though I have time to make a substantial difference for all of those who feel as though they are not heard on campus. I hope to make changes that will validate all communities on campus and thanks to those who have elected me once more, I know that I can accomplish those feats. My work is just getting started. I look forward to serving you all”

Teadora Tate

Anna Meyer, Vice President of Communications

“I want to thank everyone who supported me and re-elected me for VP of Comm. I am excited to get to work with the 2021 Executive Board and be a voice for the student body during this upcoming semester. I want to continue to listen to all student voices and improve the JCU community during this term!”

Anna Myer

Meyer has his own message for the JCU community.

“Stay strong…We are returning, but it’s going to be difficult and we need to make sure that everybody has their minds in the right place when they come back.”