COLUMN: A letter to Ohio State fans


Associated Press

Ohio State football head coach Urban Meyer crosses his arms in a game for the Buckeyes. He is retiring after the Rose Bowl. (Associated Press)

Max Argento, The Carroll News

Don’t be angry. Don’t blame the committee. Don’t talk down on the Oklahoma Sooners (even if they can’t stop anyone).

Don’t try to defend the Ohio State Buckeyes’ loss. It was Purdue, and it was by 29 points.

Don’t immediately say that “there should be eight teams” just because OSU finished sixth.

Be able to find solace in the fact that 11–1 with a chance to play in the Rose Bowl is something that most programs would cry for.

Be able to find enjoyment in the fact that even though the Buckeyes didn’t make the playoff, they hung 60 points on TTUN (the Michigan Wolverines) and gave Urban Meyer a reason to smile.

Be able to understand that the season we just saw from Dwayne Haskins Jr. is not only the greatest season we have ever seen from an Ohio State quarterback, but one of the greatest statistical seasons we have seen from a quarterback in the history of the sport.

Look forward to Notre Dame and Oklahoma being outclassed by Clemson and Alabama, showing us the distinction between “best teams” and “most deserving teams.”

Look forward to another amazing NFL draft class, highlighted by Nick Bosa, our constant reminder that there’s more to all of this than just “making it to the playoff” for these kids.

Look forward to another recruiting class that is sure to be one of the top three in the country.

I’m not asking for a lot, Buckeye fans. I am only asking that you use your heads, and see the fault in losing your minds over a decision that was made a week ago anyways. There was a reason Ohio State was ranked sixth going into the championship on Saturday; their fate had already been cemented.

Root for them on New Year’s like you would if they were playing Alabama in the semifinal. Cheer for your favorite players to go out and perform on one of the biggest stages the sport has to offer, and hope for another victory like you always do.

Prove to the nation “How Firm Thy Friendship” really is, by not letting one season of football define us. Please and thank you. O-H,