Student Union inagurates Mike Bishop


Olivia Shackleton, Editor-in-Chief

“For those of you starting your term, I hope that you keep that passion for bettering the student body and the John Carroll community for the entire time you are in these positions,” said Jacob Schupp ‘19 as he addressed a room full of Student Union senators and their families for his final speech as president, on Jan. 16.

“For those of you who have been re-elected, I know that you will continue to do amazing things, and I am hoping you carry the lessons from last semester into your new term,” he continued. “And finally, for those of you like me, where our journey together ends here, I hope that your time in Student Union can be found formative, memorable and more importantly, enjoyable. Thank you all and best of luck to everyone.”

Following Schupp’s speech, the new Student Union President, Mike Bishop, was inaugurated. He was sworn in, and he gave a speech of his own where he discussed the improvements Student Union has completed in the past semester and how he wants Student Union to run under his leadership.

“In a short time we have raised the student activity fee to bring more events and programming to the student body, established an executive board position underscoring our dedication to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, joined the national Jesuit Student Government Alliance, and pursued major renovations to this building on a scale never coordinated by students,” Bishop said. “These accomplishments are wonderful on their own, but I do not want them to be considered one-time occurrences.”

Bishop continued, discussing how he wants to implement new initiatives and policies to improve the lives of Carroll students.

“I want to work with the new senators, and get them up to speed because there was a lot of big, new things that we did last year. And finish those things with fresh minds and fresh opinions. And then do it again, and set the foundation for that being a trend where Student Union is always pursing major initiatives and looking to do the most impactful projects that we can.”

During the inauguration, the Student Union executive board and senators were sworn into their positions for the 2019 school year.

The Academic Affairs committee is chaired by Dominic Desalvo ‘21, and features Leanne Tang ‘19, Meg Frankenberger ‘20 and Maya Khawam ‘22.

Margaret Skubik ‘22 chairs the Community Relations and Service committee, with Pierce Srail ‘19, Nick Holomon ‘20, Zahraa Al Ribeawi ‘20 and Kyle McBeth ‘22 also on the committee.

The Dining Services Committee is chaired by Sean Smith ‘21, with Austin Dunlop ‘19, Declan Leary ‘21 and Kaley Capron ‘21 on the committee as well.

Esther Ngemba ‘22 chairs the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee, which also features Zakiyyah Malik ‘19, Gurnit Chima ‘19, Lillian Lebdnick ‘21 and Phillip Scherbakov ‘22.

The committee of Residence Life & Facilities is chaired by Brendan Sieber ‘20, Thomas Tritt ‘19, Cory Beam ‘20, Erin Ahern ‘21 and Veronica Morgan ‘22.

Additionally, the Student Organization Awards were presented during the ceremony. The Student Organization Advisor Award was given to  Brittney Whitter, who is the adviser to the Carroll Crazies. The Student Organization Leader Award went to Amber Hanophy of the Paranormal Research Group.

The new Student Union president, executive board and senators began their terms as of Jan. 16.