Easy and unique Halloween costume ideas


Corinne McDevitt

Your excuse to be a kid again and play dress-up is approaching. Corinne McDevitt gives you the ultimate guide to unique and easy Halloween costumes.

Corinne McDevitt, Social Media Editor

Halloween can mean many different things to people, from candy to scary movies and everything in between. For me, it is the one night a year it is socially acceptable to play dress-up as an adult. While many people opt for the “closet-costume” which is assembling a getup from whatever a person has lying around, I personally lean away from the last-minute approach. Halloween, to me, is a ticket back to childhood and an excuse to wonder what young-me would have done with adult money. And this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to look good. Thrifting and shopping small can produce some of the cutest, most unique ensembles. Halloween is the night to let your imagination call the shots, so here are a few ideas to spark your daydream.

Try wearing all pink and going as Caf chicken

Regency Heroine

Thanks to the success of Netflix’s Bridgerton and resurgence of Jane Austen’s romances, regency is all the rage. From style icons Emma Woodhouse to Daphne Bridgerton, there is plenty of inspiration to draw from. While these gorgeous gowns may seem hard to imitate, it can be done. Simply pick out a long dress with an empire waistline, tie a shiny ribbon around the waistline, and throw your hair into a pretty bun: instant Austenian heroine. Bonus points for making dramatic proclamations of love and taking long walks through scenic fields.


Being super will never not be in style. This category of costume leaves a lot of room for customization. Whether it be a classic comic character or a personal twist, dressing for heroics doesn’t have to be hard. This option is easy to go commercial, but can also be DIYed. Doodling your first initial on a tee, throwing a cape and mask on, makes for an easy “super-you” getup. Bonus points for a dramatic backstory and unique power set. 

Fancy Man/Woman

This one is for everyone just looking for a reason to dress up. Put on your best suit and you become a politician. Add some sunglasses and a badge and you become a spy. Ladies, pick out your best dress, scribble your state onto a sash and, viola, it’s a Miss America contestant. For a cute customization write whatever you view yourself the queen of onto the sash, pick out a crown, and take your rightful place as Queen (Your Name Here).


Looking for a JCU angle? Try wearing all pink and going as Caf chicken in its signature, uncooked state. Put on your best JCU shirt, plaster on a big smile, shove flyers into the hands of every person you see and masquerade as an SUPB member. Add some spice with a sporty look. Pick out a JCU Football tee and use makeup to make your eyes red and swollen, like you’ve been crying and there you have it: a team member after a Mount Union game. No matter the execution your fellow JCU-ians will surely appreciate this costume. 

In the end, Halloween is a night to express your imagination and have fun. While it is up to you how you celebrate, maybe one of these ideas will match your style. If you have an opportunity to dress-up, do dress-up. Let nostalgia whisk you away to a day for candy, jack-o-lanterns, and Halloween costumes.