Olivia Rodrigo drops “traitor” music video

Lauren Keep, The Carroll News

After blowing up on TikTok and releasing her first album, “SOUR,” which reached number one on Billboard 200, Olivia Rodrigo has now dropped a new music video for her song “traitor.” Pull out your tissues, because it is about to get emotional. 

You betrayed me…”

— Olivia Rodrigo

The video contains scenes of Rodrigo singing painful lyrics like, “You betrayed me and I know that you’ll never feel sorry, for the way I hurt,” while being juxtaposed with scenes like her and her friends riding in the back of a pickup truck, playing games in an arcade, running on a football field and hopping a fence to swim in a swimming pool. 

During these typically fun activities, like playing in an arcade, the viewer can see that Rodrigo is detached from the fun her friends are having. She is caught up in her own feelings of heartbreak that she passionately illustrates within the song. 

Rodrigo’s imagery within the video shows the difficulty of going through heartbreak and trying to go about one’s day-to-day. Her face and the lyrics to the song convey her feelings of desolation despite the excitement happening around her, truly capturing her sadness and emptiness. 

Despite Olivia Rodrigo being a very new artist to the industry, she continues to impress and entertain the public by producing emotional music and making it come to life through her music videos. Rodrigo’s fans are looking forward to any news surrounding new content whether it be concert dates, music videos or any special surprises.