How to Spend a Beautiful College Weekend

Kaitlin Ryan, Staff Reporter

This past weekend, the city of University Heights was blessed with long-awaited sunshine and temperatures that broke the 60-degree mark. John Carroll students were appreciating the change in scenery —  much different from the sudden snowstorm the previous weekend.

The student body finally had the opportunity to step out and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Groups of friends were grilling hot dogs outside of Pacelli, tossing a football across the quad and sunbathing in the blue and gold Adirondack chairs.

The upcoming weekend forecast calls for similar temperatures in the mid to high 50s. While Cleveland’s weather is unpredictable, it is becoming safer to say that spring is upon us, and with that come some suggestions for fun outdoor activities, perfect for any college student overcoming a case of cabin fever!

Grab Dinner at The Fairmount

Located on Fairmount Boulevard in the beautiful city of Cleveland Heights, The Fairmount restaurant is the perfect place for an outdoor dinner. The family-owned spot has a classy, yet laid back feeling to it, which remains consistent on the brick-enclosed patio. On the weekends, the Fairmount is open from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Hike Through the Metroparks

Take a short trip to Lake County, Ohio, this weekend and explore one of its 38 unique parks. Lake Metroparks comprise 60 miles of walking trails, waterfalls, cliff overlooks and even dog parks. It is a chance to stretch your legs and appreciate the scenery Ohio has to offer.

Take a Trip to the Flats

Cleveland has reinvented itself tremendously in recent years. The city’s most impressive rebrand is the Cuyahoga River. The Flats East Bank of today is unrecognizable compared to the one of the past. There are trendy restaurants, water sports and low-lying views of the city.

Get Productive on the Quad

Finals are approaching and this is the ideal time to get a head start on some assignments to avoid future stress. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of campus by taking your work outside. For extra style and comfort, purchase a portable hammock and swing between the trees while getting work done.

Visit the Cleveland Botanical Gardens

Though spring is underway, nature still has yet to fully bloom and come to life. To enjoy flourishing greenery, visit the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, which features exotic plants and wildlife year round. Visiting another continent is as easy as taking a trip to 11030 East Blvd, Cleveland, Ohio.