Humans of JCU: Junior Sean Patterson


Sean Patterson

English Literature major, Sean Patterson ’22, is a friendly face around campus who takes pride in inspiring others.

Laken Kincaid, Campus Editor

While some leave an impact on their undergraduate university by building their  resume,  others shape the community through kindness and compassion. One student, Sean Patterson ‘23, has been deemed by many as a wonderful example of the transformative qualities warmth and positivity can have.

Patterson is an English Literature major at JCU who brings light to the community. He also serves as a senior resident assistant for Campion Hall and works for the facilities workforce.

“I am just a student,” Patterson told The Carroll News. “I can often be seen carrying a book or frisbee as I walk around the quad. Between work and classes I attend weekday Mass in St. Francis or Rodman.”

Patterson said that he chose John Carroll because he was familiar with alumni from the university and that his grandmother lives close by giving him easy access to the campus. He says that, to this day, some of the happiest people he knows are from the JCU community.

“I was undecided on a major coming in but did not hesitate to seek out new opportunities,” Patterson stated. “I joined the facilities workforce, and my supervisor, Mike Roeder, introduced me to the people and places that make JCU special. Each day I’m reminded of why I chose JCU as I exchange learning and laughter with students.”

Patterson has a passion for helping others and making a difference through smiles. From his time in church to his duties as an RA, he has left a positive impact on so many people.

“SRA Sean Patterson is a kindhearted, soft spoken, thoughtful individual who takes pride in his work,” Liam Helon ‘23, an RA in Campion Hall, told The Carroll News. “He is there for his staff and genuinely cares about our staff dynamic, and he makes sure that all procedures operate as smoothly as possible. He is always there to lend a hand and very easy to talk to.”

Patterson hopes to carry his helpful nature through his college career and into his prospective job as an educator. Patteron said that he wants to help others be the best versions of themselves possible. 

“This dream arises out of my love for learning and appreciation for the teachers and role models in my life,” Patterson continued. “My passion is helping others recognize the greatness and unlimited potential within themselves.”

For his remaining time at JCU, Patterson plans on making memories while continuing to change lives. He strives to finish this semester as an RA to the first year honors students and a mentor to other RAs in his building. 

“Sean is one of the most dedicated and passionate student leaders I have had the chance to work with,” Area Coordinator Adam Gilbert said. “His quiet determination and support for his community is felt by everyone that has the pleasure to work with him. I have seen staff and students both share their love of Sean even if they don’t work directly with him. To have a person impact so much of a community and have such a profoundly positive impact on those around him is truly special! I am very lucky to be able to work with Sean in his role as a Senior Resident Assistant. I hope those around Sean get to share all the ways he has impacted their lives as part of the John Carroll University community!”

“When I reflect on my time at JCU, I realize that even more important than what we do and what we learn is who we become because of friends that challenge us and support us,” Patterson concluded.