What your Inn Between order says about you


Laken Kincaid

The Tween is a known establishment at JCU that students frequent often. What does your go to to-go meal say about you?

Laken Kincaid, Campus Editor

From the era of the infamous chicken tenders on, the Inn Between is a popular establishment on campus that students frequent with their meal swipes and dining dollars. Popular menu items range from the blue streak burger to customized burritos and bowls. However, what a person orders on GET Mobile for a late night pick up at the end of the day can tell a lot about their personality. Here is what your ‘Tween order says about you. 

The Blue Streak Grill

Plain Jane Burger: You are a fan of the classics. You order this in the midst of your last class of the day because you are starving and want to eat before you devote the time you should be doing homework to Netflix or “Euphoria.” You are a reliable person who probably always has a charger on them but you are hesitant to lend them to others because of trust issues. You probably like to go to JCU sporting events just for the free t-shirt. 

Blue Streak Burger: PROTEIN! But, in all seriousness, you probably are really athletic and “get those gains.” You also really enjoy Kitchen Nightmares especially when Gordon Ramsey calls someone a donkey. You thrive off of chaos but there is no problem in it. However, in your day to day life, you try to operate as a peacemaker between your friends. Unless, you find an issue you are super passionate about, then you will do anything to prove your point. 

Vegan Veggie Burger: Oh, it is lent isn’t it? If it isn’t a Friday and you order this, you are a new vegetarian trying to find a way to replace meat in your diet and eating just cheese everyday has gotten to be a little too much. However, you probably have stickers of plants on your laptop and say horticulture is your favorite hobby. I also would not be surprised if you read Jane Eyre for fun. 

Plain Jane Chicken Sandwich: You probably grew up in the south or wanted to. You wanted Chick-Fil-A but either realized it was a Sunday or you only have two dollars and nineteen cents in your account even though you have DashPass. However, you probably collect vinyls, tapes or both. In 2014, you probably really liked The Fault in Our Stars and wore flower crowns. Speaking of flowers, you want to have sunflowers at your wedding. 

Blue Streak Chicken: You like to dye your hair fun and bright colors just to get a reaction out of your friends. You probably pierced your nose at home and spent an unhealthy amount of time watching either The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad. There has most likely been one day of your life where all you did was watch movies in your room with the curtains blocking out all sunlight. Bonus points if you are a Sagittarius.

Grilled Cheese: You have the pallet of a child and miss the chicken tenders a little too much. So much, in fact, you order them everywhere you go (or you are just very picky with your foods mostly because of texture reasons). You may have an unhealthy addiction to Tik Tok or you spent all of your social battery on Instagram in the mid-2010s. You are also the kind of person that stresses too much about separating their light clothes from their dark clothes in a washing machine. 

Pulled Barbeque Pork Sandwich: You tried something new and now enjoy the adventure that this sandwich takes you on. You listen to music in the car really loud but turn it down when you have to concentrate on making a turn. You like to fold origami but only know how to make a butterfly. You also spend a lot of money on experiences like concerts or gas mileage. However, it is better than your old habit of buying dozens of pairs of jeans from American Eagle. 

Cinco Cantina

Burrito w/ Chips: You are like a bull in a China shop. You got an Otterbox because you constantly cracked your phone and now you do not trust yourself to keep it intact. However, you like to draw on your phone case with Sharpie or paint the backs of calculators (remember that trend?). You have LED lights in your room but only set them to one specific color like blue. You probably enjoy thrifting and look specifically in the men’s section. 

Bowl w/ Chips: You stick with what you know and you are cool with it. You cut your hair recently and regret it. And if you haven’t cut your hair and you’re thinking about it, don’t. You will probably regret it. You have multiple sharpies, some of which are too bright to be seen on paper but you keep them for the aesthetic. You were one of those kids who went to Disney once a year and you cried if you met Pluto instead of a Disney princess. 

Tuscan Oven

Build Your Own Flatbread: You like to control both what you eat and how you live your life. I would not be surprised if you have a butterfly tattoo. You are either a put together STEM major or a crumbling marketing major. You have a hydro flask with a multitude of stickers or, if you’re feeling frisky, small magnets. However, the hydro flask is probably really dented and you feel guilty about it. You have a small dog that many would classify as “crusty” that is ten years old. 

Buffalo Chicken Flatbread: You look like you have your life together, especially when you power walk to the Tween to pick this order up. Honestly, you are kind of intimidating and fiery and that is the kind of food you like to order. You are the person who carries an iPad to class and/or checks their apple watch for their texts instead of looking at their phone screen. You also have a set fitness regimen which I respect.

Veggie Lovers Flatbread: You always look for a healthier way to go about life. You have a collection of Squishmallows on your bed and remember each of their names. You also probably take care to not squish them in your sleep. You really enjoyed the movie “Monsters Inc.” and relate to the character of Mike Wazowski a little too hard. You mark off the days on your calendar on a white board as you go. 

Roasted Vegetable and Pesto Hoagie: In the words of the famous Tik Tok audio, you do not exist. This is no one’s order. 

Italian Sausage Hoagie: Subway was closed and now you are here. You are probably insecure about the garlic breath you get after and either chew a stick of gum or brush your teeth fervently after consumption. You are just as insecure with your school work. Take a breather, you are doing fine. You also put too much stock in personality tests and base your perception off of those you know based on their Myer-Briggs result. 

*This article focuses on items available through the meal exchange option, some of us prefer to use and abuse our dining dollars at Saxbys to get extra cream cheese on our breakfast sandwiches.