Taylor’s Take: The life of a Type-A college student

Campus editor, Taylor Anthony, reflects on the importance of focusing on the things that are in her control in life.

Taylor Anthony

Campus editor, Taylor Anthony, reflects on the importance of focusing on the things that are in her control in life.

Taylor Anthony, Campus Editor

A few weeks ago, I wrote a column about what I can control in my very chaotic life and I am very aware why the unknown is so unsettling for me. I don’t fear the unknown but rather my inability to plan and prepare for the unknown. 

This probably goes without saying, but, to an extent, I am a very Type-A person. 

“The phrase ‘Type A’ refers to a pattern of behavior and personality associated with high achievement, competitiveness, and impatience, among other characters,” according to WebMD.

They further identify some key Type-A characteristics such as self-control, the motivation to achieve results and multi-tasking skills. 

Although I wouldn’t consider myself to be a very impatient person, I believe that I match the other characteristics to a T. I find myself to be somewhat competitive, I love to get into a routine, and I enjoy multitasking everything I have going on. When I set out to achieve a goal, I want to achieve it to the fullest extent.  

Planning is also a ritual of my day-to-day routine and I find myself planning nearly everything in my life from my meals to my free time. I have an hourly breakdown of my day using Google Calendar to manage my class, meetings and practice times along with reminders and other events. 

I use a small blue and white weekly meal planner notebook to keep track of the groceries I need for the week and what I plan to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My school planner where I keep track of assignments is color coded based on class and the day isn’t completed until I have crossed out what needs to be done for the night.

Due to the seeming lack of spontaneity in my life, I have somehow surrounded myself with people who are the exact opposite of me. Yet, I think it’s what I need to balance out my overly planned and organized life. While I have many friends who are a lot like me in this Type-A manner, I have just as many who are Type B. 

Taylor’s to-do list with multiple assignments crossed off. (Taylor Anthony)

Sometimes it can be a problem when things don’t work out quite how I planned but I remind myself that it’s okay to not be on your A game all the time. I try not to let myself become overly stressed about the little things and I remind myself that it’s okay to break routine and do something spontaneous from time to time.

At one point, this Type-A personality of mine was a bit overwhelming to say the least and while it may have taken me some time to figure it out, I have found just the right balance of it all. 

No matter if you have a Type-A or Type-B personality, you have to find what works for you because there is a way for us all to thrive. 

However, for all you Type-A college students. Just remember it’s okay not to be okay.