Sundae station hits Schott Dining Hall

JCU students enjoy the new Parkhurst ice cream cooler in the Schott Dining Hall.

Laken Kincaid

JCU students enjoy the new Parkhurst ice cream cooler in the Schott Dining Hall.

Laken Kincaid, Managing Editor

In early October, a new sundae station came to Schott Dining Hall at John Carroll. This change came after multiple students requested for the return of the old soft-serve machine from Aramark, the old cafeteria food provider. Now, Parkhurst has a large cooler with up to eight different flavor offerings and a slew of toppings. 

“Through our meetings with Parkhurst, we started talking about how students missed the frozen custard machine that was there my freshman year,” Christopher Fovozzo ‘23, the student government dining committee chair, told The Carroll News. 

Fovozzo says that the eight flavors are supposed to be alternated on a weekly basis, providing a variety of tastes for students in the dining hall. This extensive rotation is much different than the previous two options under the Aramark soft-serve machine. 

Students flocked to the ice cream cooler after its reveal and have used it greatly since. At the end of the day, it is not uncommon to find the bowls and toppings empty.

“I think it’s far superior to the old frozen ice cream bars,” Adam Brennan ‘23, told The Carroll News. “I think it is about equal to the soft serve machine. Better flavor section though! More toppings would be appreciated.” 

In response to the reports of broken scoops and the potential for them to be stolen, Parkhurst issued a statement on their Instagram urging students to be respectful of the dining hall’s amenities and staff. Parkhurst also stated that they plan to provide newer, more hardy scoops for the station in the near future. A recent email to the student body also hints at a potential meal plan increase which could take effect next academic year possibly because of the theft and negligence of products.