Was Heidi Klum really in the worm costume?


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Corinne McDevitt writes about Heidi Klum’s latest monstrocity: the worm costume.

Corinne McDevitt, Social Media Editor

Another Halloween has come and gone, bringing with it all that it usually does: candy, costumes and Heidi Klum. The German-American model has built up a reputation as being the queen of the holiday with her annual party and extravagant costumes. In the past, the star has dressed up as Lady Godiva, an ape, an alien, “Shrek’s” Fiona and much more. 

Klum never holds back in her over-the-top outfits and this year was no exception. For the spookiest night of the year, Klum decided to have people screaming over her giant, realistic worm costume. However, there may be something bigger here than a giant worm costume…a ginormous lie! Perhaps Klum was never in the worm at all!

If you’ve seen the pictures, you can come to the conclusion that not much of Klum is apparent in the costume. The nature of the worm suit did not allow that model to show off her signature figure or any discernible features. The worm was, for the most part, a giant blob that laid on the floor, so it begs the question: was it really her? 

The worm did appear to talk with Klum’s voice and blink with eyes, albeit with contacts in, but that is no definite proof. In 2016, Klum used body doubles in her Halloween costume when she went as herself cloned, so getting a hold of a doppelganger is not out of the question. As for the voice, a simple recording or even a live phone call could answer that question pretty quickly. 

An anonymous – but extremely reliable –  source is quoted saying, “I’ve known Heidi Klum since she was a wee babe and I can guarantee you that was not Heidi Klum in that worm costume. I would bet my entire fortune that I have accumulated from my popular dishware line that it is not Ms. Klum in that suit.”

Another source stated, “When you have the kind of money that supermodel Heidi Klum does, you don’t wear the worm costume, you pay someone to do it for you. Personally I would love that job. Heidi, if you are reading this, know I would be happy to wear the worm costume everyday for the rest of life for a sizable salary.”

Finally, a source (that was definitely not Heidi Klum) said: “I’m not Heidi Klum, but if I was I’d pay someone to wear it for me, also I am not hiring as of now.”

With hard facts and evidence like this it is hard to imagine that anyone ever thought Kulm could be inside that costume. I think that maybe Klum found herself a little tired this year and saw no cleaner getaway than the classic giant worm fake-out. That’s okay Heidi, we all have those days.