Individual efforts skyrocket JCU Track and Field to hopeful postseason victories


JCU Sports Information Department

JCU Track and Field’s Zach Szafarski in competition last season.

Leah Harrigan, Staff Reporter

The John Carroll Track and Field teams possess a variety of skill sets that culminate into bouts of extreme team success throughout their season. 

As their indoor campaign continues and the sight of the outdoor season comes into view, the squads are prepared to refine, retune and capitalize on their existing talent.

Beginning on Fri., Jan. 27, the Blue Streaks headed in a variety of directions for a weekend full of intense competition. The positive results became visible quickly. 

However, going against the non-traditional article structure, a standard recap doesn’t justify the amount of effort and drive that lies within each and every athlete that is a part of John Carroll Track and Field.

Track and Field forces a slightly different attitude toward team sports. Athletes are asked to channel intrinsic motivation to perform at the highest level for their personal success.

The glory of setting season-records or earning a first-place finish is a sensation of accomplishment that is nearly unmatched. Yet, in reality, these individual triumphs end up compiling to contribute to overall team success.

Each person has to excel in order for the team to qualify for a more significant event later in the season. John Carroll’s success is a combination of individual victories morphing into a singular team identity.

That’s what often goes unnoticed in terms of the perception of Track and Field Athletes. You are asked to channel your own, individual skills, but your performance also dictates the remainder of the team’s success.

It’s a difficult balance and method in which to conceptualize sports, but it only serves as a testament to the work ethic, mental strength and overall tenacity of these athletes that are willing to represent themselves for the letter goal of team success.

“Little by little we are making things click and will hit our big marks when we need to,” summarized Zach Szafarski ‘23.

Szafarski’s comments truly embody what it means to be a part of this sport. It is a process to overall victory. The countless individual wins will one day come together to transcend John Carroll Track and Field to post-season events.

With that being said, a wide range of Blue Streaks performed at a commendable level over the past weekend. A summary of the results have been laid out by John Carroll Sports Information. The Men’s Track and Field results and the Women’s Track and Field results show that our athletic community remains powerful and consistent. 

However, it’s important to recognize that, even though these athletes perform alone, they all have a universal goal of achieving team excellence.

Next weekend, the Blue Streaks head to the Ashland Alumni Open for a two-day series spanning from Fri., Feb. 3 to Sat., Feb. 4.