WJCU 88.7 to host historic “Turn Back the Clock” event


Zachary Sinutko

For the first rime in 14,000 days, WJCU 88.7 will broadcast live from the clock tower studio

Laken Kincaid, Managing Editor

For over 50 years, WJCU 88.7 has been on air as a noncommercial FM broadcast station owned and operated by John Carroll University streaming various shows to the greater Northeast Ohio population. Many things have changed for the platform over the years including the station’s call letters, frequency and, more recently, the location where it is streamed live everyday. 

Over 14,000 days ago, WJCU 88.7 moved their broadcast to the DJ Lombardo Student Center. However, on Mar. 28, 2023, the station will be going back in time to hold a six hour broadcast from the original WUJC studio in the iconic JCU clock tower. Although daylight savings happened weeks ago, now it is truly time to turn back the clock. 

Starting at 6 pm, 808s & Mixtapes host Zachary Sinutko ‘24 along with his radio colleagues will take to the old radio station to celebrate WJCU 88.7 like never before. 

“There’s nothing better than reminiscing on old times, and what better way to do it than to return to our roots?” Sinutko stated in a press release. “We are super excited about this event, it’s truly something special you will have to hear to believe. It’s crazy to think that the last broadcast was in 1984. My parents were in 1st grade when the last broadcast went over the air. That’s crazy to imagine. I am truly honored that we get to be the on-air personalities for this monumental broadcast.”

With over 100 separate alumni appearances and a cameo from University Heights Mayor Michael Dylan Brennan, the station will broadcast historic songs and moments across greater Cleveland. The crew will also be joined by Old Rock vs. New Rock hosts Joe and Lauren Gumeny where they will play tunes from multiple generations. 

“From connecting with the community to doing what we love, we can’t wait to ‘Turn Back The Clock’,” Emily Davala ‘24, a member of the 808s & Mixtapes project, stated. “We are so excited to create this opportunity for alumni and current students to share. It’s been in the works for months and now we can’t wait for this memorable night!”

Many of the recurring voices on 808s & Mixtapes are excited for the event and see the event similar to their previous feat of breaking the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest radio interview.

“We are happy to be doing what we love to do and continue to make history time after time,” 808s & Mixtapes’ co-producer Colin Kennedy ‘24 stated.

Other familiar voices echoed these sentiments with co-host Daunte Horton ‘24 saying that he is thankful that the station “continue[s] to give [them] opportunity to do what [they] love.”

The event will be streamed live both on the radio on WJCU 88.7 and from WJCU’s website