Las Vegas told through a HUJI lens

Laken Kincaid, Editor-in-Chief

Las Vegas, colloquially known as Sin City, is the recurring home for the Broadcast Education Association convention each year. Thanks to WJCU 88.7, I was able to attend this convention about a week ago and traverse around the area for a good five-ish days. I attended multiple broadcast based lectures and ate so many bagels, each with a different type of schmear. 

Although I accidentally wiped my phone at the end of the trip, I was still able to save many of the photographs I took through the iconic filter app known as HUJI (not sponsored by Grace Sherban ‘25). Below is a collection of memories told through this artistic lens; each image has a story on its own that intertwines to create the larger narrative of my time in Vegas. 

From the airport to the casino floor, I hope my lackluster photography encapsulates how much this excursion meant to me and why I hope to again return to the world’s neon capital in the future.